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no dig drain repairs using cipp drain lining

This last winter has done a number on people’s pipes, drains, and plumbing systems in general. The deep freezes and frequent thaws made caused a lot of water damage from freezing, only to have them thaw and get water elsewhere, where it also froze, expanded, and ruined the pipes. Now all the rain is making your home’s plumbing system work that much harder. The result is damaged pipes, drain lining, and pipe lining. Read more


Leaky basements are the latest of many problems facing homeowners this year. Whether it’s because of the harsh winter or the intense rainfall experienced all over, home’s are experiencing many different issues that cause water damage and ruin homes. Such problems could include a leaky basement, which leads to a wet basement, and can safely be fixed with basement waterproofing. Read more

flooded street in toronto

Summer is officially upon us here in Toronto and that means many homeowners are thinking about their basements. Some homeowners are thinking about preventative measures when it comes to basement flooding, others are looking at renovating their basements. Basements are great spaces in your home, especially in the summer heat, and they need to be maintained and protected like any other part of your home. One of the ways you can protect your home is a backwater valve.

Read more

many types of plumbing pipes

A recent study released noted that as many as 13% of Toronto homes have unsafe levels of lead in their tap water. And while that statistic is startling, the fixes are easy enough if only a little costly. Today, we will walk you through the two different types of plumbing pipe that are known to cause lead poisoning and the various pipe options available for safer drinking water. Read more


The City of Toronto has an amazing program in place for Toronto homeowners who have basement flooding issues, but the program may not be around forever. This recent winter, with its extreme and costly weather, has put an extra burden on the program. So, if you have experienced basement flooding in the past year, it may be time to call up a licensed Toronto plumber to take advantage of this program while it still lasts. These flood prevention rebates may not be around for that much longer. Even if your home has not experienced basement flooding, any worn out materials could be replaced with the city footing most of the bill. This even includes backwater valve rebates of up to 80%. Read more

downside of hiring an unlicensed plumber

The internet has changed nearly every industry and that even includes skilled trades plumbing. With easy access to hiring websites like Kijiji and Craigslist, the market of people willing to do plumbing work is only increasing, but the number of unlicensed plumbers on the market has increased too, targeting people looking to save money on their next plumbing project or plumbing emergency. What these people don’t realize is that plumbing is a skilled trade, one that requires trained professionals, and hiring one will save you money in the long run. Read more

running trap removal

When most people think of upgrading their drains and plumbing systems, they get visions of various machines digging up and destroying their beautiful gardens and lawns. These extensive (and expensive) ways of upgrading drainage systems, however, are actually not needed nearly as often as people think. Trenchless drain systems are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways that homeowners are repairing old drainage systems. Trenchless systems offer the benefits of trenched drain methods without the costs of digging and replacing pipes, keeping your garden safe and your property dry. Read more

time for a water supply upgrade in Toronto area

Many of us are either living in older homes or living on older water supply lines, meaning we may have to upgrade water supply lines at some point, maybe even in the near future. There are many indicators that you need water supply line upgrades, but here are just 2 indicators that you need to upgrade your water supply line. Surprisingly, they can be solved with the exact same solution: copper pipes. Read more

wet leaky basement

Spring has brought sun and warm weather, but it has also brought rain and runoff, 2 unwanted things homeowners are finding in their basements. While some may choose to ignore the leaks, just mop up the water and hope it doesn’t happen again, these little leaks could lead to some serious issues. Here are just 3 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your leaky basement. Read more


Well, it looks like we are officially into spring here in Toronto. The particularly harsh winter is behind us and, for many Toronto homeowners, the extreme cold showed some glaring problems in our plumbing. Burst pipes, frozen valves, and many other plagued the city, all of which are now hopefully dealt with. But a new challenge is coming, and that is summer. Read more


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