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plumber inspecting bathroom sink in toronto home

Plumbing inspections are a necessary aspect of any regular home maintenance routine and a great idea for keeping costs low. Acting proactively is especially important with plumbing, not only because of the cost of dramatic plumbing repairs if things are left too long, but also because of the prevalence and totality of water damage, which can affect your home in many ways for literally years after you think the issue has been addressed. Read more

man unclogging sink drain in kitchen

Unlike many plumbing issues, unclogged sinks are often something you can do yourself without too much know how, or really any wrenches or tools. A sink clog is often the result of built up gunk in the plumbing, so there are a couple of ways you can unclog the sink on your own. Here are two major DIY drain clearing methods that require little to no know how of plumbing. Read more

cracked concrete in basement floor

Your home’s foundation is one of the most important parts of the entire structure. It’s literally the foundation of your home and that means it needs extra special attention. Unlike a leaky faucet, a poorly maintained or broken foundation can take your home from a lovely place to live to a condemned building. When dealing with any sort of foundation problems, be sure to call a professional and get an inspection. Here are some signs that you’ve got a cracked foundation in need of repair: Read more

plumbing problems caused this leaking pipe

Plumbing is complicated work but also something that every person should understand to some extent. After all, you don’t need to call a plumber every single time your toilet is clogged. Some things are best left to the professionals, but other, smaller plumbing jobs should be something you can totally handle yourself. Here are 3 common plumbing problems everyone should know how to fix. Read more

pipe severance and capping in toronto

The GTA has been struggling this year with flooding despite having a beautiful summer. Homes all over the city have experienced severe flooding that have damaged their precious belongings, ruined their homes, and cost them thousands of dollars. Thankfully, Toronto has a number of flood control specialists who can provide you with options to preventing flooding in your home for this year and well into the future. Read more

kitchen sink in need of drain inspection

Draining water is just as important as getting water into your home, so healthy drains are a necessity of any working plumbing system. Many people don’t know when or how often to get their drains checked, so we thought we’d talk about the signs and practices that you can practice to keep the water in your home leaving as fast as it comes. It turns out knowing how often you should have your drains cleaned is a little more complicated than you may think. A quick tip before we begin, however: most professional recommend a drain inspection once every 2 years, just to ensure everything is working just right. Read more

licensed plumbing contractor installing sink drain trap

In a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen, Mike Holmes listed all the things a person needs to look for in a good plumber. Of all his great suggestions, his number one factor in choosing the right plumber wasn’t technical proficiency, work history, or professionalism. It was insurance. If this is coming from the likes of Mike Holmes, then those looking to hire contractors should sit up and take notice. Many people think that insurance doesn’t affect them, but everyone would rather get in a car with someone who has insurance than without. In fact, many people would simply refuse to drive around in an uninsured vehicle, but they’ll entrust their home to uninsured plumbers. But a plumber without insurance is saying only one thing to you: I don’t care. So why should you care about plumbing contractor insurance? Because you care about your home and the safety of your home and family. Read more


Building traps have been a hot topic in the plumbing community for years now, an artifact from another era that, while a good idea when they were first being used, have actually become dangerous in the modern day. In fact, building traps are such a problem that they have been outlawed entirely. This means if you have a building trap, you may need to look into building trap removal to protect your home and your family from the harmful effects of this old and useless plumbing device. Read more

no dig drain repairs using cipp drain lining

This last winter has done a number on people’s pipes, drains, and plumbing systems in general. The deep freezes and frequent thaws made caused a lot of water damage from freezing, only to have them thaw and get water elsewhere, where it also froze, expanded, and ruined the pipes. Now all the rain is making your home’s plumbing system work that much harder. The result is damaged pipes, drain lining, and pipe lining. Read more


Leaky basements are the latest of many problems facing homeowners this year. Whether it’s because of the harsh winter or the intense rainfall experienced all over, home’s are experiencing many different issues that cause water damage and ruin homes. Such problems could include a leaky basement, which leads to a wet basement, and can safely be fixed with basement waterproofing. Read more


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