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frozen mississauga pipes

Frozen pipes have been playing havoc on pipes since the invention of indoor plumbing. Often occurring in pipes located on the outside of your home, or in cold spots throughout, frozen pipes block water from getting around your home and increase the potential for having one burst, which can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. So today, we’re going to help you thaw those frozen pipes before they burst, and provide you with solutions to make sure they don’t freeze again. Read more


As many homeowners are aware: clogged kitchen sinks are both annoying and a little expensive to get cleaned out. Sure, you can get under the sink and try to scoop out everything in the trap yourself, but some of the worst clogs can get further in your pipes and actually block up a lot more, and lead to some other terrible consequences. Luckily, keeping your sinks free of debris has never been easier, so we put together some pro advice on how to keep your sink free of debris and working at its best. Read more

man in toronto that is fixing his bathroom sink

Most people think winter is the hardest season on our plumbing system, but the spring can actually be worse. Besides the fluctuating temperatures, frequently dipping below the freezing point, the spring thaw causes a lot of water to start flowing all over the place. The key to keeping your home dry and safe during the winter is doing some routine spring maintenance as springtime approaches.

There’s plenty of little things you can do around the home to make sure everything is go for the wetter months. Some of them you can do yourself and others will need professional assistance. Here’s just a few things you can do, it may seem like a lot, but they will only take a few hours. If you’re in a new home, following this list can help you familiarize yourself with your plumbing system. If you’ve had your home for awhile, it can help you spot any potential issues before they turn into burst pipes or flooded basements. Read more

bathroom renovation project featuring marble and a great view

Bathrooms, for some reason, are seen as very practical places. They need to have certain fixtures, of course, and floors that are slip-resistant to keep people safe, but they’re also places where we relax and take some much needed time for ourselves. With that in mind, many people are sprucing up their bathrooms, making them luxurious spaces that are just as fashionable as they are functional Read more

aerial of Etobicoke city before flooding

Etobicoke is an amazing place to live. We don’t have the prices of Toronto homes and still live in a strong community with great opportunities. But while Etobicoke may be unique in many positive ways, we’re also discovering we have some unique challenges as well. Chief among these for individual home owners is basement flooding. With the recent weather we’ve been having, many people are worried that their homes are next for a flood, which can end up costing thousands in repairs and water damage. But many others think they’re immune to basement flooding. So, is basement flooding a problem in Etobicoke, and should individual home owners be concerned?

The fact is Etobicoke is extremely susceptible to flooding. Our unique location and, if we’re being frank, outdated drainage systems are causing problems for people around the entire city. While there are plenty of houses available, the older homes in Etobicoke seem to have unusually high instances of flooding. This may be because Lake Ontario has dramatically shifted the water table since these homes were born, it may be because homes have been poorly maintained, but whatever the reason, we are seeing high levels of basement flooding in Etobicoke homes. But the good news is that basement flooding is completely preventable, and can actually cost a lot less than you’d expect.

Etobicoke has many professional basement waterproofing experts and plumbers who can easily assess your home for any potential problems. It’s a much better and cheaper way to figure out how your home can be waterproofed. After all, if you wait for the spring thaw or next severe thunderstorm to see if your home is waterproof, you’ll end up paying for water damages on top of any repairs and extra measures you need to put in place.

When a basement waterproofing expert comes for an inspection, they’ll check for the usual culprits in basement flooding: broken window seals, landscaping issues, foundation problems, and more. These are just the beginning, but they can assess if you need any work done, and the best way to go about getting it done, so you don’t have any surprises. Some of these can be fairly expensive, but taking care of the issue before it gets worse is always the less expensive option compared to waiting and hoping for the best.

But if basement flooding is a concern concern but you’re low on funds, remember that the City of Toronto has a program in place to assist citizens who need backwater valves, sump pumps, and other items that can help prevent basement flooding. You’ll need to use a professional and fill out some paperwork, but the entire thing can end up being free in the end. The program is called the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program, and it could protect your home from basement flooding without breaking the bank.

The unfortunate truth is that Etobicoke homes are experiencing a lot of basement flooding, and that can cause thousands of dollars in damage. But the good news is most basement floods are completely preventable. With a professional plumbing or basement waterproofing expert, you can save money by getting problems fixed and addressed today. So when that next rainstorm hits, you can rest easy knowing your home will be bone dry.

stack of cash saved by backwater valve rebate in mississauga

One of the great things about living in Mississauga, besides its location, vibrant community life, and quality services, is the availability of programs that can help your home operate better. This is especially true with your home’s plumbing system, which can often need extra fixtures or upgrades to keep it within the city code, and to keep it working a peak performance levels. One such program is the backwater valve rebate program, which can offset the cost of installing a backwater valve in your home to protect is from unwanted backup appearing in your basement. Read more

plumbing contractor answering telephone

Toronto plumbers are busy people. With our unique climate and location, water problems can happen in an instant. That’s why you need to have a quality and professionally trained plumber in your possession, so you can call them and get any problem sorted out quickly and effectively. Here’s just three common calls our Toronto plumbers get, and how you can avoid making these calls. Read more

etobicoke homes flooding

Etobicoke is a unique place, as is the rest of the cities surrounding the great lakes. We have a combination of unpredictable weather and nearby bodies of water that can make drainage in homes a big problem. Many homeowners with basement flooding issues are at a loss as to why they keep having water show up, and it may be because of their home’s original design. Here’s why you may need to get a sump pump installed in your Etobicoke home. Read more

winter home in mississauga

We usually think of flooding as a spring problem, when the rains and melting snow drive up the water table. In the spring, we think that the water pushes high over what our homes can manage and then it floods. While this is a common way to think of flooding, like a river with too much water, flooding is actually a huge problem in the winter, especially in the Mississauga region, because of our unique climate. Here are some factors to consider so that you don’t have any surprise flooding this winter. Read more


As we all know, Etobicoke was hit with a lot of bad weather over the past few years. Residents have reported burst pipes and more, all as a result of rapidly changing temperatures and freezing weather, but the biggest problem facing Etobicoke residents is flooding. The water table has been very high and this has led to basement flooding in many local homes. There are plenty of options for helping to prevent floods, but you should start with the bare essentials, and one of those essentials is a backwater valve. Read more


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