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plumber conducting a mississauga plumbing inspection

Every home needs inspections on a regular basis for any number of its systems, but a plumbing inspection is especially important. In general, you should have a Mississauga plumbing inspection every two to three years, but there are situations that will require a plumbing inspection. Here are just a couple of situations that will have you calling your local Mississauga plumber to carry out a plumbing inspection in your home. Read more

mississauga city center near site of drain repairs

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than when a sink will not drain. It not only grinds whatever you were doing to a steady halt, it also means you need to get it fixed. Luckily, professional plumbers deal with drain issues every day. Here are just a few common drain repairs in Mississauga, and why you should call a professional Mississauga plumber to have them addressed. Read more

etobicoke plumbing contractor working on a sink drain

People often think that plumbers are expensive, but that mindset rarely includes how much money plumbers can end up saving you in the long run. Here’s a few ways in which hiring an Etobicoke plumbing contractor can actually lead to savings. Read more

plumbing contractor performing Etobicoke drain repair services

Drain repair services are a necessity for Etobicoke homes. Because of its unique location and climate, Etobicoke homeowners oftentimes require better, more specialized attention when it comes to their plumbing needs, especially when it comes to drain repair services. Here are just a few drain repair services offered by your Etobicoke plumber. Read more

beautiful home in etobicoke that requires service from licensed etobicoke plumbing contractor

The internet has given us a great many things, but it has also brought with it some dangers. In the plumbing industry, this danger is unlicensed handymen offering their services online. While they tend to be less expensive than traditional plumbers, they’re lack of qualifications and expertise leaves their customers often paying more than they ever imagined. Here are just a few reasons why you should need a licensed Etobicoke plumbing contractor for your next renovation or construction project. Read more

overview of mississauga city from the air

Many Mississauga residents wait until there’s a plumbing issue before calling a plumber, but this is the least convenient and most expensive way to deal with plumbing issues. Here are just a few Mississauga plumbing services offered, and how to avoid needing to make that emergency call. Read more

sump pump installed in a sump pit in the basement of an etobicoke home

Every home needs a waterproofing plan that protects their property from flooding and other types of water damage. These plans need to include multiple different elements, from waterproofed window casings to devices that help keep your home dry. Many Etobicoke homes require sump pumps as part of their waterproofing plan, but not all of them.  As experienced Etobicoke plumbers we’re offering three different reasons why your property may require a sump pump. Read more

beautiful mississauga home after the installation of a backwater valve to prevent basement flooding

Many Mississauga homeowners have discovered the importance of a comprehensive basement flooding program, much like Toronto backwater valves are important to the Peel region. These mechanical devices help prevent the city sewage lines from flowing the wrong way through the pipes, and stops water and sewage from suddenly coming back into your home. Whether you own a home or commercial building, you’ll need a backwater valve. Read more

a translucent backwater valve sitting on a white space before being installed in home

Backwater valves prevent outbound water from re-entering a structure from which it was ejected, called “back-flowing.” They are a kind of backflow prevention device. This may be due to excess water outside, as caused by a flood, or a blockage of the pipes from the outside, potentially caused by sewage or dirt. It may also be caused when there is excess rainwater and falling precipitation, and the city’s sewer lines are unable to handle so much fluid. Back-flowing mostly occurs in basements, but it also may occur on the first floor if the house is situated in a low area. Read more

flooding in Windsor, ON showing a car in the water and an outhouse tipping over

At the beginning of October, the border town of Windsor, Ontario was rocked by massive floods originating from the record rainfalls in the area. According to local authorities, thousands of homes and businesses were flooded and people were pumping out there homes for days and weeks after the rain ceased. Read more