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El Nino is not a phrase that we hear very often in Toronto. Many times, we associate it with a weather phenomenon that happens in the Pacific Ocean. It can bring warm gusts of wind towards the West, and with it, some very drastic changes in weather systems. But this year, weather experts say that the El Nino this year could be so strong that places even as far east as Toronto could be affected. And while that makes for a nice piece of trivia, it could actually pose some problems for residents of Toronto, and their plumbing systems.  Read more


Homeowners in Toronto could be seeing bigger bills for their water next year, if a recent city council proposal ends up seeing the light of day. The bill, which calls for an eight percent hike in water rates, and three percent raise in garbage disposal rates, across the board, means that some of the city’s key services could get more expensive for people with their own homes in the city limits.

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water filtration plant cleaning toronto tap water

Toronto is a lucky city. Being on the edge of a great lake, its water supply is relatively safe, but constant steps are taken to ensure it’s of the highest quality and cleanliness. In fact, the city tests the water every six hours to ensure there’s no bacteria in the supply. But with all this diligence, many home owners can still experience water quality issues. Read more


Toilets are supposed to make bad smells, and their sources, go away. It’s one of the fundamental things about them. So when they don’t, not only is it an awful experience for your nose, it’s a frustrating experience in general. Read more


Condo buildings becoming more and more popular for people of all ages and demographics, especially in the City of Toronto with seemingly endless condo development underway. The responsibilities of condo boards and individual owners can often become unclear. After all, if a pipe bursts in a person’s unit, is it their responsibility to fix it, or is it the board’s? Here is a basic breakdown of Toronto condo plumbing responsibility that you can reference. Read more

woman annoyed with loud pipes

Pipes make all kinds of noises. In fact, if there was a documentary that treated pipes like wild animals, there would be a very comprehensive section on all the sounds pipes seem to make. They can whoosh, clang, whistle, and more, and each of these noises means something different is wrong with your pipes. Read more

cleaning up after a basement flood

Floods unfortunately happen and when they do, it’s important to know what needs to get done. Flooding is unlike other damage around the home for many reasons, beyond extensive water damage one of the main concerns is mold, so getting cleaned up quickly and thoroughly is absolutely paramount for protecting your home and your family. Read more

tankless water heater on the outside of a home

Tankless water heaters seemed like they’d be a society-changing upgrade to the traditional tank. By getting rid of the tank, and thus the need to keep a large amount of water heated and at the ready, seemed to be a great idea. But even after years of existence, tankless water heaters haven’t exactly caught on the way that many people expected. Read more

plumbing diy fail

DIY plumbing is probably the most common kind of DIY there is. Most people can handle simple plumbing jobs, like unclogging pipes, without needing to call a professional, but when they go to more complex jobs, things can quickly take a turn for the worst. Here’s four DIY plumbing fails that prove sometimes, it’s best to call the professionals. Read more


Hot water is a modern convenience that we often take for granted. Running the tap to get hot water for cooking, those wonderful hot showers, and more are all dependent on our hot water tank. Read more


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