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Toronto plumbers are busy people. With our unique climate and location, water problems can happen in an instant. That’s why you need to have a quality and professionally trained plumber in your possession, so you can call them and get any problem sorted out quickly and effectively. Here’s just three common calls our Toronto plumbers get, and how you can avoid making these calls. Read more

etobicoke homes flooding

Etobicoke is a unique place, as is the rest of the cities surrounding the great lakes. We have a combination of unpredictable weather and nearby bodies of water that can make drainage in homes a big problem. Many homeowners with basement flooding issues are at a loss as to why they keep having water show up, and it may be because of their home’s original design. Here’s why you may need to get a sump pump installed in your Etobicoke home. Read more

winter home in mississauga

We usually think of flooding as a spring problem, when the rains and melting snow drive up the water table. In the spring, we think that the water pushes high over what our homes can manage and then it floods. While this is a common way to think of flooding, like a river with too much water, flooding is actually a huge problem in the winter, especially in the Mississauga region, because of our unique climate. Here are some factors to consider so that you don’t have any surprise flooding this winter. Read more


As we all know, Etobicoke was hit with a lot of bad weather over the past few years. Residents have reported burst pipes and more, all as a result of rapidly changing temperatures and freezing weather, but the biggest problem facing Etobicoke residents is flooding. The water table has been very high and this has led to basement flooding in many local homes. There are plenty of options for helping to prevent floods, but you should start with the bare essentials, and one of those essentials is a backwater valve. Read more


Our plumbing systems are usually working perfectly. They take water away and bring it in with amazing efficiency. Having hot water in a matter of seconds anywhere in your home is nothing short of a miracle when you think about it, but things can happen that ruin our faith in our plumbing. When emergencies happen, you need the number of a qualified plumbing contractor who can deal with the situation quickly and professionally. Here are 4 instances when you’ll need to call a Toronto plumbing contractor. Read more

man inspecting plumbing

It may not seem like it, but plumbers are in high demand these days. They offer a vital service, so they’ll be in demand now and well into the future, but plumbers are especially popular in Mississauga. It’s not just because the town is booming, but it’s also because of the past few years we’ve had as a city. Here’s 3 reasons our Mississauga plumbers are in demand right now. Read more

woman dealing with plumbing emergency in her Toronto home

The internet is a wonderful place, isn’t it? We can discover so many great things with just a few clicks. DIY projects are easier, new recipes for fun foods, and pretty much the entirety of human knowledge is all there, just sitting at our computers. So why does it seem like the internet has made it harder for us to find a plumber when we really need one? Why can’t you get someone qualified and professional to come to your home to fix an emergency plumbing job? Well, it’s because the internet perhaps makes things too easy, not for the people who need a plumber, but for the people who pretend to be plumbers to make some easy money. Read more

woman cleaning up water under sink

Experts speculate that American homes waste roughly 1 trillion gallons of water annually, enough to supply 11 million homes. From a conservation stance, that’s an enormous amount of waste, but from a financial perspective, that is money individual homeowners are paying that they simply shouldn’t have to. Water leakage is expensive and sometimes invisible, so you have to know how to detect leaks in your home and get them fixed before you end up spending too much money. Here’s three ways to see if your home is suffering from leaks. Read more

diy bathroom maintenance

Plumbers can be expensive, that’s no secret, and many plumbing jobs can be done yourself if you have the proper skills and equipment. Lots of do-it-yourself (DIY) jobs are easy, like changing a shower head, unclogging a drain, or even replacing a toilet if you’re experienced, but there are plenty of jobs that are simply too large or too complicated for anyone but a properly trained professional plumber. Only true professional plumbers have the skills and tools needed for a lot of jobs around your home. Here are just 3 plumbing problems you should never attempt on your own, be it because of the plumbing code, access issues, or just to get the job done quickly and properly the first time. Read more

woman answering door to see salesperson selling water heater

We don’t like to generalize here at Absolute Draining & Plumbing, but door-to-door salesman can be a problem for homeowners. Some of these salesman rely on high pressure sales tactics, misinformation, and exploiting of recent events to coerce people into buying things they do not need. Today, we want to warn people about one particular door-to-door sales scheme that’s been costing people a lot of unnecessary money: hot water tank rentals. These salesman offer hard to imagine pricing on an expensive item, a hot water tank, by renting instead of buying outright. The idea is good for some people who need a new tank now and can’t afford one, but the door-to-door sales route is harming consumers. Read more


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