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phone with speed dial

Even though we can do everything right with our plumbing systems, the so-called “impossible” breakdown can still happen. Many people don’t think that having a professional 24-hour plumber on speed dial is really worth the effort, content to think that plumbing emergencies won’t happen to them. But many other homeowners have that number ready just in case. Are they the crazy ones? Let’s break it down to see if having that plumber at the ready is really worth it. Read more

backwater valve

Backwater valves are a largely misunderstood piece of home plumbing equipment. People often refer to them as sewer backflow valves, backflow prevention device, sewer backup valves, and more. For the most part, people don’t understand their purpose and, in some cases, think that they’re getting swindled, as if the backwater valve is the plumber’s equivalent of the infamous “piston return spring” for car mechanics. Unfortunately, such things have largely led to people not getting these handy pieces of mechanical ingenuity. In the end, those who don’t have one wish they got one, and the cost is flooding and water damage in their homes. Read more

mississauga heavy rainstorm

A working sump pump is a necessary part of any Mississauga home’s waterproofing strategy, but many people ignore it when the signs are right in front of them. With spring floods and other water events becoming more frequent in the area, many people are looking to larger, more expensive measures to keeping their homes dry, but often the case is getting a sump pump properly installed or replaced. Read more

drain camera equipment from RIDGID

Our plumbing systems are necessarily closed off and, as a result, can be a bit of a mystery. What happens inside usually doesn’t effect us, it can clunk every one in awhile, but often we don’t know what’s going on unless something drastic happens, like a clog or a burst pipe. But just like everything else in your home, your pipes and drains can suffer wear and tear that you may not be able to even see. Read more

frozen mississauga pipes

Frozen pipes have been playing havoc on pipes since the invention of indoor plumbing. Often occurring in pipes located on the outside of your home, or in cold spots throughout, frozen pipes block water from getting around your home and increase the potential for having one burst, which can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. So today, we’re going to help you thaw those frozen pipes before they burst, and provide you with solutions to make sure they don’t freeze again. Read more


As many homeowners are aware: clogged kitchen sinks are both annoying and a little expensive to get cleaned out. Sure, you can get under the sink and try to scoop out everything in the trap yourself, but some of the worst clogs can get further in your pipes and actually block up a lot more, and lead to some other terrible consequences. Luckily, keeping your sinks free of debris has never been easier, so we put together some pro advice on how to keep your sink free of debris and working at its best. Read more

man in toronto that is fixing his bathroom sink

Most people think winter is the hardest season on our plumbing system, but the spring can actually be worse. Besides the fluctuating temperatures, frequently dipping below the freezing point, the spring thaw causes a lot of water to start flowing all over the place. The key to keeping your home dry and safe during the winter is doing some routine spring maintenance as springtime approaches. Read more

bathroom renovation project featuring marble and a great view

Bathrooms, for some reason, are seen as very practical places. They need to have certain fixtures, of course, and floors that are slip-resistant to keep people safe, but they’re also places where we relax and take some much needed time for ourselves. With that in mind, many people are sprucing up their bathrooms, making them luxurious spaces that are just as fashionable as they are functional Read more

aerial of Etobicoke city before flooding

Etobicoke is an amazing place to live. We don’t have the prices of Toronto homes and still live in a strong community with great opportunities. But while Etobicoke may be unique in many positive ways, we’re also discovering we have some unique challenges as well. Chief among these for individual home owners is basement flooding. With the recent weather we’ve been having, many people are worried that their homes are next for a flood, which can end up costing thousands in repairs and water damage. But many others think they’re immune to basement flooding. So, is basement flooding a problem in Etobicoke, and should individual home owners be concerned? Read more

stack of cash saved by backwater valve rebate in mississauga

One of the great things about living in Mississauga, besides its location, vibrant community life, and quality services, is the availability of programs that can help your home operate better. This is especially true with your home’s plumbing system, which can often need extra fixtures or upgrades to keep it within the city code, and to keep it working a peak performance levels. One such program is the backwater valve rebate program, which can offset the cost of installing a backwater valve in your home to protect is from unwanted backup appearing in your basement. Read more


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