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How Often Do You Need A Mississauga Plumbing Inspection?

plumber conducting a mississauga plumbing inspection

Every home needs inspections on a regular basis for any number of its systems, but a plumbing inspection is especially important. In general, you should have a Mississauga plumbing inspection every two to three years, but there are situations that will require a plumbing inspection. Here are just a couple of situations that will have you calling your local Mississauga plumber to carry out a plumbing inspection in your home.

1. You are About to Sell Your Home

Mississauga may be adjacent to one of Canada’s hottest housing markets, but even the hottest markets have no time for homes with ruined or poor plumbing. Many Mississauga homes have experienced plumbing repairs that are performed by under-qualified handymen: cheap labourers who can patch together a pipe but do not have the training or skills to ensure that the fix is up to code. By calling in a plumbing professional for a plumbing inspection, you can ensure that your Mississauga home is up to code. Without a plumbing inspection, you could discover that your home isn’t up to code by a housing inspector, which will lead to a severe drop in your home’s value and cause many potential buyers to drop any negotiations and start fresh elsewhere, prolonging your home selling process.

2. You’ve Done Some Renovations (or are planning some)

Renovations can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing for a number of reasons but the most simple one is because many Mississauga homes are just a little old. Many homes were built in the post-war boom, back when a home comfortably fit multiple generations and needed only one bathroom. The plumbing was also designed to support a certain amount of water. But today’s demands on a home mean that your plumbing system may need some upgrading your bathroom plumbing to handle additional bathrooms, new fixtures and appliances, or completely new bathrooms.

If you recently had some renovations done, then you will need a plumbing inspection performed to ensure that your plumbing system can handle the changes. It’s always best to have these inspections performed before you start the renovations, but afterwards is acceptable as well.

3. There has Been a “Plumbing Event”

A “plumbing event” is best described as something dramatic happening that’s related to your plumbing. This can include things like burst pipes, drops in water pressure, temperature fluctuations, and other events that require the attention of a trained, certified, and experienced plumbing professional. If your home has experienced this sort of situation in the recent past, or you never had your plumbing inspected after the fixes were put in place, then you probably need a plumbing inspection. This is to ensure that the cause of the event has been properly addressed but also to see if the event caused issues elsewhere in your system. Since many plumbing events happen in one place and are caused somewhere else, a plumbing inspection is the best way to ensure everything in your home is okay.

Essentially, you will need to have your home’s plumbing inspected once every two to three years, depending on the situation. But different homes and different situations require a Mississauga plumbing inspections to help keep your home’s plumbing working at its absolute best.


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