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4 Reasons To Hire A Plumber For Your Home Renovation

kitchen renovation project in a toronto home after plumbing installation and completion

A home renovation can be an exciting project for a homeowner. You start with a vision of what you expect from the finished product, but there is a lot of work that goes into getting a renovation from inception to completion. If you want to achieve the desired end result, it will take a lot of planning, and you need to have the right professionals on the job.

Along with hiring the right contractor for the renovation, you should also put come careful consideration into whether you want to let the contractor do the plumbing or if you want to hire a professional plumber. With a project like this, the plumbing work may face some complicated issues, so there is a significant value that comes with hiring a licensed plumber.

They Have the Experience and the Training

Many of the smaller renovation firms do all of the work in-house. They might have a person that does the plumbing for them, but this individual may not be a master plumber. If that is the case, the work is being done by a person that lacks the training and experience of a licensed plumber.

To become a licensed plumber, a person must undergo extensive training. A master plumber will also have years of hands-on experience that provides them with a practical knowledge that goes beyond what they have learned through training. This training and practical experience is important when you are working on a home renovation project.

Older homes usually have issues that you would not find in new construction. It could be old galvanized pipes, leaks in the home or outside on the property, problems with the sewer line and more. Many of these issues can be hard to identify and address for a person that lacks the necessary training and experience.

plumbing contractor working on the p-trap located under a kitchen sink

They Have the Right Equipment

To get the job done right, it often takes more than just the right knowledge – it may also require using the right tools for the job. As is true with any industry, the tools and equipment for a plumbing contractor will change over time. To stay up to date, and maintain all of the latest equipment, it can be a costly endeavour.

A licensed plumber makes their living entirely from the trade, so it makes sense for them to invest in this type of equipment. A smaller renovation outfit probably has several lines of income, and they might not be able to afford to invest too much in any one area. With that being true, it is often the case that these companies do not have all of the equipment that they will need to properly perform all of the plumbing work for a home renovation.

When you hire a professional plumber that has all of the right tools and equipment, you get professional plumbing installation that will stand the test of time. If the person doing the work does not have all of the right equipment, it will force them to make compromises. The work might seem fine on the day that it is finished, but you could run into problems down the road.

They Provide a Better End Result

When you go with a professional that has the skills, experience and the equipment, you are making the smart choice because they can provide a better end-result than a non-professional. With an experienced plumber, you know that the work is going to be done right, that it is going to perform in the way that it should, and that it is going to look good in the end.

This is important because a renovation can have some complex issues with the plumbing. Chances are that you are doing more than just changing out the old plumbing fixtures. A renovation usually requires a wide range of skills that you will not get from an inexperienced individual. It could be expert leak detection, the replacement of old and corroded pipes or sewer line repairs. If you are changing the layout of the home, you may need to move pipes. A licensed plumber will be able to perform all of this work with confidence and skill.

They Guarantee Their Work

A licensed plumber is going to provide you with a higher quality of work, and they are going to go out of their way to provide you with reliable workmanship that will not have any problems. Their professional reputation as a plumber is at stake, and they want their clients to have a good experience.

However, there is always the potential that you may need service work. When you hire a licensed professional, you should get a service guarantee that comes with the renovation. If there are any issues, the plumber will come out to address your concerns. If you have an emergency, the plumber will make sure that service is available 24-hours a day. This kind of after-completion service may not be available through a company that simply does home renovations.

If you need service work in the future, it is just better to get the professional that did the initial work on the job. This may not be possible if the work is done by the renovation contractor. You’ll have to hire a plumber to come out, and this new professional will not be familiar with the work that was done during the renovation. If the renovation firm did not use a professional plumber, it could cause some additional issues. The professional that you hire may notice some work that was done improperly, and they might have to redo some of the plumbing that was already done by the contractor. This could make a simple service call much more expensive.

It might be tempting to allow the renovation contractor to do all of the work for your home renovation. They might do well with some parts of the job, and by hiring them to do everything, it could bring down the overall cost of the job. But if you want to ensure the highest quality of work, and that everything meets code, it is best to hire a licensed plumber for your home renovation. By trying to save a little money upfront, you could be setting yourself up for some serious problems in the future.





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