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Must Haves For Your Next Home Renovation Project

If you are planning a home renovation you probably already have a few ideas of what you want. It might be a smaller project where you are just concerned with renovating the bathroom or kitchen or it could be a large-scale project where you are renovating the entire home.

A home renovation is a good opportunity to get a range of different upgrades. If you already have the work going on in the home, adding a few additional tasks could help you to get more value from the project.

Today, we are going to take a look at a few ideas that any homeowner should consider when they are doing a renovation. Some of these might already be on the list, and others might not apply to the type of renovation that you are doing. However, if you can fit any of these in with your current home renovation plans, it could make for a better value in the long run.

Energy Efficient Appliances

energy efficient appliances featuring the energy star logoThis is primarily a point for kitchen renovations. If you are redoing your kitchen, then it is a great time to consider energy efficient appliances. Modern dishwashers and refrigerators are much more efficient than the ones that were coming out just five years ago. This is an upgrade that will not only pay you back in savings from your utility bills, but it is a good upgrade for the resale value of the home. Look for the Energy Star logo typically this is a good indication the appliance you’re browsing is a good buy.

As an additional point for improving the efficiency of your home, this may also be a good time to consider upgrading to an energy efficient water heater. If the water heater in your home is getting old, it might need to be replaced soon anyway, and a tankless model can offer some serious savings. It’s a good idea to consult with a licensed plumber even if you’re planning on doing this work as they’ll have good recommendations for your home and can also provide installation services.

New Tub

For a bathroom renovation, a nice new tub can be a good way to make your bathroom more enjoyable. Most homes come with smaller 60-inch tubs or maybe even smaller. This can be good for when the kids want to take a bath, but it is not the ideal size for an adult. If you like relaxing in a warm bath, getting a larger tub could be a good upgrade for your bathroom.

Going with a nice six footer should be good for most adults, but you do have options that go to seven feet and beyond. Beyond considering the size, you also have a range of different styles that you could consider. You have the common alcove style tubs, freestanding and clawfoot models, corner tubs and tubs with a whirlpool function. If you hire an experienced plumber, they will be able to help you understand all of your options.

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting is something that you should consider with any home renovation. With many homes, the lighting is not great, and a home renovation is the perfect opportunity to make improvements. You could obviously consider things like energy efficient lighting or lights with dimmers. In addition to that, you have several style options that you may want to consider.

Rooms like the bathroom or kitchen may have specific lighting needs, so you may want to pay special attention to the lighting solutions that you use. In the bathroom, you are going to want to think about vanity lighting and make sure that there is enough light for the shower. In the kitchen, you may want to think about all of the different workstations and provide lights to each. Dedicated lights for the sink and different counter spaces can be good. If you plan to have a breakfast nook, you will want to make sure that the space has its own light.

Water Saving Toilet and Shower

water saving toilet diagramWith a bathroom renovation, it is also a good chance to do your part to conserve water resources. You have a great selection of toilets and showers that use less water. In the past, some of these water efficient products did compromise on the quality of performance, but the designs have advanced in such a way that you can get the water savings and still enjoy good performance.

If your home is somewhat new, then you may already have some of these water saving features, but if your home was built before the 1990s, there is a good chance that you could significantly reduce the amount of water used in the home.

Organization and Storage

This is another upgrade that can be good for almost any home renovation. You can have new storage spaces built in the home or you can have your old closets redesigned to get the most out of the space. If it is a kitchen upgrade, you are probably already thinking about new cabinets, but you may also want to have your pantry redesigned with new shelves and drawers.

While the kitchen is the one room that will probably benefit the most from better storage and organization, this idea can expand to any area in the home. For a bathroom renovation, you can redesign your linen closet, the medicine cabinet and you can have storage and shelving built into the bathing area. Your bedroom closets can also become much more functional and practical by designing new storage solutions into the space.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink

If you love to cook, a nice kitchen sink can really make your life easier. Unfortunately, most homes come with a fairly basic kitchen sink. It might serve the practical purposes for washing dishes and preparing food, but you can do better.

In searching for a new kitchen sink, you have so many options. You have a range of different configurations for the bowls and faucets, different materials, different sizes and there are different ways that sinks can be installed. For a person that really enjoys preparing food, something like a cast iron undermount sink could be a great upgrade from the standard kitchen sink.

A home renovation is a big project and it takes a considerable amount of planning. Beyond getting the renovations that you want, you also want to make sure that the work is done right. By hiring licensed plumber and other experience professionals, you ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Great information!! I recon, anyone planning to renovate house should follow all tips but most importantly, never compromise on the skillsets of plumbers n electricians. Before hiring them, make sure that they are licensed and have good reputation.

Faulty plumbing can ruin one’s house. Trust only those plumbing companies which have good reputation in the area, never ever think of getting it done by unlicensed cheap plumbers.

I feel that being choosy is badly needed. The case you shared with us contains a clear and loud message for everyone. Stay safe and always select best plumbers.

@Maria Neilson, how did you find about these guys?? House renovation surely, takes too much time and all items discussed in this post are prerequisite for a well equipped house. I am looking for someone who specializes in water saving and energy efficient appliances.

Organization and storage is the most vital update for a home and if done properly, this can pace up the whole renovation process. Every home has custom storage requirements and this issue must be addressed with perfection. Chests, cabinets, shelves and drawers if placed well can contribute much to keep your house in order. Never ever overlook it Lisa!!