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Toronto Plumbing Blog in Review – Our Top Posts

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We’ve been actively posting on our blog for a few years now, with such a variety of topics in plumbing to cover it’s no surprise that we’ve touched on most of the large issues while making an effort to raise awareness of smaller, lesser-known issues. Hyper-focusing our content on smaller-geographic regions in some case has been necessary to achieve these goals. But this post is a little different and the start of a short series – we’ll be taking a look back at some of our posts presenting plumbing and drain problems still affecting many people across the Greater Toronto, Etobicoke, and Mississauga regions.

Remove Your Running Trap Before Disaster Strikes »

A running trap (aka sewer trap) is basically histories answer to the problem now more effectively solved by the backwater valve. A running trap would be installed to prevent sewer gas and rodents from traveling up the drain line and into peoples homes. The biggest problem with a running trap is that there is no way to clean them, they are basically just a U shaped pipe and that’s it.

Looking back at this solution the technicians of those days must have foreseen the problem down the road, perhaps we have an example of planned obsolescence or perhaps there was just no better way to tackle the problem at the time. Either way, removing your running trap is incredibly important since when these clog (and clog they will) you’ll be in a world of trouble.


Sewer Smell Coming From Your Bathroom or Basement »

Another common problem people face is nasty sewer smell in their bathroom and basements. Many people are familiar with this unpleasant odour and immediately are repulsed, seeking a solution as quickly as possible for fear that their friends and family will avoid visiting their home due to the stench.

Often times people have left their plumbing neglected for such a long time that small problems slowly creep into becoming big problems, a sewer smell in your basement of bathroom is a bad sign that there is a problem that needs to be dealt with. Whether it’s caused by sewage backup, blocked vents, old drain pipes, or even overloaded city sewers getting to the bottom of the problem is simple for a licensed plumber.


How Much Does It Cost To Hire Toronto Plumbers? »

A common question people are always inquiring about is the cost of plumbing service. Now, there are a subset of people that think plumbers overcharge or simply price their work unfairly. The reality is that having a wide-range of plumbing knowledge takes quite some time to learn and while a few tasks can be done in a DIY manner, the full scope of plumbing and drain installation, repair, and maintenance is beyond many people. Being able to afford to put food on the table while also paying for overhead costs not limited to but including professional tools, vehicular costs, insurance, and so on necessitates that plumbers charge what they do.

One way to think about it, if you can’t do it or aren’t sure what’s involved, it’s always a good investment in your property to hire a licensed plumber, they are the best person possible to work on integral building infrastructure such as plumbing. A botched plumbing job could, at best, cause a lot of aggravation due to low water pressure or inadequate water flow, and at worst could be the catalyst to major property damage.


Toronto Condo Plumbing, Who Is Responsible For What? »

Condo living has taken the City of Toronto by storm, it seems like everyday a new development is encroaching on our skyline. Such is life in a busy city like ours, but one of major issue people are having to understand is their responsibilities within their condo unit.

Each building will have it’s own board and their own set of rules and regulations, but for the most part the way that plumbing is handled in condos is that the building is responsible for all issues exterior to the unit in question; much like the municipality is responsible for the water main that runs infront of the home on a street, the condo is responsible for ensuring plumbing carries water to the unit and there is appropriate drainage. Likewise, the condo owners are generally responsible for all plumbing in their unit.


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