Plumbing issues can be some of the most frustrating things imaginable for a homeowner. On the surface, the system seems fairly simple. Just tighten a nut here or replace a faucet there and everything will be better. But it turns out plumbing can be very frustrating, both in terms of the problems that can occur and the fixes necessary. Here’s three things that you may experience that are a surefire sign you need a dedicated professional. Trust us, it’ll be better if you give the plumber a call and get it dealt with quickly and professionally.

1. Damp Basement

Our plumbing systems have one job: to take water to where it’s needed and take it back away from the home. Anytime water isn’t where it’s supposed to be, whether that’s some dampness in the basement or a drain that’s not getting rid of water, there could be a problem with your plumbing. Damp basements are an especially big problem for a number of reasons. One, they’re often infrequently visited, so small problems can get big without anyone even knowing. Two, the problem is often multifaceted, so we need to think about

2. Gas Problems

Most people think of plumbers as water experts, but they’re actually piping experts, and that includes gas pipelines. Leaking gas is one of the most dangerous things that can happen in our homes, from inhalation problems to a serious fire hazard, so these issues need to be dealt with as soon as they’re discovered. Be aware that most gas going into our homes is treated so it has a distinct smell. If you notice that smell anywhere in your home, turn off your stove and your gas and leave. Then, call a plumbing professional, the only person qualified to diagnose and replace any gas pipes in your home that are causing problems. Yes, home evacuation is annoying, but so is having your home blown up entirely.

3. It Just Doesn’t Seem to be Working

Trade secret time: plumbers are busiest on Mondays, when the ladies of the house call us to fix whatever their husbands spent all weekend trying to do. It’s like something from a bad sitcom, but it literally happens every Monday. Now, are these men bad at plumbing? Probably not. But are they being a little cocky in thinking they can do something outside their skill set? Most definitely.

Plumbers have the tools and skills needed for any plumbing job, from renovations to pipe replacement, so why not use them? Sure, you could save yourself a few dollars, but many people end up throwing their entire weekend away trying to do a plumbing job. And most of the time, they just didn’t have the right tool or didn’t think to do something important. So save yourself the annoyance, chow down on some humble pie, and give your plumber a ring.

Sometimes getting a plumber is the easiest way to set everything in your home straight again. And the best part is, they’ll come in and do it right the first time, clean up after themselves, and leave you with a guarantee that their work is legit. So instead of getting angry at your home’s plumbing system, why not get even? And by even, we mean the proper care and attention it deserves from trained and qualified professionals. It’s better for everyone involved. Trust us.

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