There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than when a sink will not drain. It not only grinds whatever you were doing to a steady halt, it also means you need to get it fixed. Luckily, professional plumbers deal with drain issues every day. Here are just a few common drain repairs in Mississauga, and why you should call a professional Mississauga plumber to have them addressed.

Fixing Stinky Drain Smells

Stinky drain in bathtub

Stinky drains are common in the bathroom

Drain problems don’t always come in the form of water not moving, they can often come as lingering smells that travel all throughout your home. The reason for these foul odours can be many and varied, but all of them are as unpleasant as the smell itself, and that reason is often lodged deep in the system. The most effective way to deal with these odours is to call in the professionals, who have specialized equipment and training to deal with the problems lodged deep inside your plumbing.

Flooding Due To Blocked Drain

Water damage is some of the most expensive damage that can affect your home. Unlike other kinds of damage, it can seep into almost anything, and lead to a myriad of ongoing problems all over your home. Flooding is perhaps most common in basements during floods and ice storms outside of the home, but clogged and broken drains can also lead to water damage. If your drain is causing water to seep out, wither by overflowing the sink or because the drain itself is broken and leaking, call in a professional and stop using that sink. The plumber can help mitigate the water damage, seek out the root cause of the issue, and fix it in no time.

Repairing Recurring Drain Clogs

Perhaps the single most frustrating experience with drains doesn’t come when they break down for the first time, but when they keep breaking down or clogging at seemingly random times.

The reasons for recurring blockages are many and varied, but almost all are impossible to detect without help from the professionals. Professional plumbers regularly provide drain cleaning services, uses heavy-duty equipment that can get rid of stubborn drain clogs in a matter of minutes, but they also have diagnostic equipment to determine why the clogs keep happening. These can include fancy cameras and devices that can detect the presence of blockages in pipes without having to open up your walls and take apart the actual piping. Ultimately a drain inspection is the best way to proceed, discovering the root cause of the issue allowing the right work to be carried out preventing the clog from coming back.

Drain issues are some of the most frustrating plumbing problems that Mississauga homeowners face. On top of the inconvenience of having a drain no longer work, the problem can often resurface at seemingly random intervals. For these types of drain issues, your best bet is to call a professional and certified plumber.

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