Regular plumbing & drain inspections are passed off by some as wastes of time and money, that they can go long periods of time without getting their pipes looked at. But those people often encounter major plumbing issues that can cause a lot of money and frustration. But with regular pipe inspections, you can avoid any plumbing-related surprises. Here are just a few of what those surprises could be.

  1. Water Pressure

Water pressure is extremely delicate and even the smallest change in water usage or home renovations can have a significant impact on your water pressure. With regular inspections, a plumbing professional can ensure your entire system is up to speed, and up to code. Through a simple inspection, you can have better pressure in all your appliances, so everything runs much better. But water pressure can drop over time, so be sure to get regular inspections to make sure everything’s working perfectly. Getting an inspection immediately after any renovations can also ensure your home is running at its best.

  1. Water Quality

Pipes bring us one of the most essential parts of our entire lives: water. And while water keeps our bodies healthy, it can also pick up dangerous sediments and chemicals that can actually harm us. Regular inspections are absolutely necessary for keeping lead out of your pipes. Homes until even recently were still using lead for pipe fittings, and those need to be replaced to prevent lead poisoning. Other chemicals and sediments can seep in through other means, so be sure to have your pipes inspected for any possible sites where harmful chemicals can seep into your water.

  1. Strong Piping

Pipes undergo a lot of stress throughout the year, from freezing temperatures to steaming hot days. And with all that weather, water can bend and morph your pipes. Morphed pipes can become loose and, when that happens, they can burst. The cost of cleaning up after a burst pipe depends on your home, but it can often destroy precious items and even people’s entire homes. But with a regular pipe inspection, your pipes can be inspected for any possible issues and fixed before they become a problem. So if you have anything of value in your basement, you should have your pipes regularly inspected to keep your home safe.

There’s a reason that plumbers require years of training. Plumbing systems are complicated systems in all our homes, no matter the size or layout. Getting the right water to the right taps, and then having that waste moved safely moved out of your home is no small feat. So despite the training and understanding of piping and plumbing, many people think they can ignore their plumber’s advice and get regular pipe inspections. This results in plumbing surprises, and are usually substantially more expensive than having your pipes regularly inspected and maintained.

Andrew Olexiuk - Your Toronto Plumbing Expert
Andrew Olexiuk - Your Toronto Plumbing Expert
Andrew has over 20 years of experience as a plumbing contractor. He is co-owner and operator of Absolute Draining & Plumbing, a professional plumbing company serving residential & commercial properties across the Toronto, Ontario region.
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