Winter is coming. For many homeowners, this means getting everything ready for winter. This is no small task, everything from exterior painting, window inspections, and basement inspections should be on your list, but so should calling a plumber. Winter is hard on your pipes, especially since water expands when it freezes and melts everywhere come spring. Calling a Toronto plumbing service company for a pre-winter inspection is the best way to ensure your home is absolutely ready for whatever winter has in store, here are just 3 reasons why.

Leaky Pipes Can Lead To Water Damage

Pipes that are leaking now have a tendency to burst in the winter, covering your home in water damage that can cost you thousands. Many pipes burst because of the winter cold, so homeowners think that if their homes are heated, they’re fine. Unfortunately, many homes have spots inside where the cold can get in without them knowing. Boarded up chimneys are a prime example of a cold spot in your home, and pipes are often not far away. This can lead to burst pipes that were only slightly leaking before. Before the cold hits, get your leaky pipes fixed by a professional plumber to keep your home safe.

Get Your Hot Water Inspected

One of winter’s few luxuries is long hot showers, something that’s impossible with a poorly working hot water tank. Water tanks need tuned up just like everything else in your home and should be inspected by a professional plumber every few years. If you notice you don’t have the heat or amount of hot water you had in the past, your hot water tank could be the issue. Leaks and mechanical issues are common problems with all water heaters, so make sure your heater is in top working order for the cold months ahead. That way, you can enjoy the hot water for longer when it just gets too cold to handle.

Is Your Flood Protection Working?

Finally, you should always check your flood protection system, be it a sump pump, backwater valve, or other means to keep water from coming back into your home. These little contraptions are key to keeping your home dry, but are also very sensitive to many different factors. Seals, blockages, and other problems can happen at any time, but a proper inspection will make sure water will stay where it’s supposed to. A sump pump or backwater valve inspection can ensure that your home is ready for the spring thaw and any strange water phenomenon we have between now and then.

Just about everyone in Toronto should be familiar with how hard our winters can be.  Fall is a time to prepare for winter and many homeowners forget that their plumbing systems also need a quick tune up before the cold comes in. The best way to prepare your home’s plumbing system for the winter is by calling up a licensed and professional plumber. This includes pipe inspections, leak repair, hot water inspections, and so much more. If you’ve been putting off a home inspection, specifically a plumbing inspection, we can help. With these services, you’ll be warm, safe, and happy for Christmas and beyond.

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