Showerheads are not usually the first thing to come to mind when thinking about plumbing appliances; however, upgrading your showerhead can have more benefits than you may think. We will cover the top 3 reasons for upgrading a showerhead in this post. We will also go over what some of the new types of showerheads can do for you and why you would want to choose one or another.

Cost effective

Changing out a showerhead is a pretty simple plumbing task, and can actually save you money. Showerheads usually are not very expensive to buy, and don’t take long to change out. By upgrading to a more efficient head, your shower can actually do a better job while using less water. The average amount of water put out by a showerhead is about 2.5 gallons per minute, however, you can go even lower if you wish to conserve more water. Some showerheads supply approximately 2 GPM and feature on/off valves. You can flip them off while you are soaping and lathering up and turn them back on to rinse off.

Comfort and safety

Another good reason for changing up your showerhead is for comfort. If you are elderly or disabled, a detachable showerhead with a flex-hose is quite useful. You can toss a chair into your shower and use the detachable head to wash up, without having to stand for a long time or in awkward positions.

There are also showerheads that feature pulsating sprays or massaging heads. These are great for luxurious, relaxing showers. These types of showerheads can help to loosen up your muscles after a long day, or if you experience muscle pain or cramps.

Also available are anti-scald heads and fittings. These are designed to prevent ultra-hot water from burning your skin. You may want to install one of these if there are small children or elderly people using the shower. Nobody likes to be using a shower when the cold water goes off and a blast of scalding hot water comes through. Anti-scaled mixers are also available, however this requires a bit of plumbing knowledge and some tools, so it’s usually easier just to install the proper showerhead.

If you happen to be a tall person, you may consider installing an extender arm. These will let you position the showerhead up higher (assuming you have the clearance) so that you no longer have to stoop to wash your hair.

Style and looks

Sometimes, you may just want to update the look of your shower, and maybe you want the showerhead to match up with a colour scheme in your bathroom. From stainless steel showerheads to ceramics, there are a ton of different styles available to suite just about everyone’s taste.

So, what kind of prices will you be looking at when you go out to buy a new shower head? They usually aren’t too expensive, ranging from about $10 for a basic model up to $50 for a full-featured model that does it all (massage, pulsating, trick flow, on/off valve, and anti-scald). When you consider how often a shower gets used (about 700 times per year per person) it makes sense that you should spend some time customizing your showerhead to fit your individual needs.

Some showerheads may require that you have a backflow preventer valve installed. If you do not have one or do not know what this is, you should call up your local plumbing contractor to see if your shower fits the requirements, and to install the backflow preventer if it’s needed.

That’s about it for today. Hopefully you learned a bit about the showerhead options available out there today. As always, if you found this post interesting, make sure to share it with your friends on the social media platform of your choice. Check back next week for more great plumbing-related tips and stories.

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