We usually think of flooding as a spring problem, when the rains and melting snow drive up the water table. In the spring, we think that the water pushes high over what our homes can manage and then it floods. While this is a common way to think of flooding, like a river with too much water, flooding is actually a huge problem in the winter. We have noticed this is especially in case in Peel region, because of our unique and temperamental climate. Luckily, there are a number of plumbers Mississauga homeowners can depends on to handle these problems. Here are some factors to consider so that you don’t have any surprise flooding this winter.

Beware Of Ice

One of the major causes of winter flooding isn’t water, it’s ice. We all know that water expands when it freezes, it’s why ice cubes float, but this can be especially dangerous in our homes, specifically in the foundation. Water can seep into the foundation when the weather is above zero and then turn to ice when it drops below the freezing point, expanding and pushing on your home’s foundation. This can cause serious cracking in the foundation that can lead to flooding. In many parts of Canada, this is less of an issue since their winter’s are harsher. But in Mississauga, our winters go above and below freezing constantly, sometimes multiple times a day, which can make water freeze, melt, and freeze again to constantly cause the cracking that leads to foundation damage and flooding.

Damaged Foundation

Cracked foundations are not only susceptible to increased rain and melting snow, they’re also a poor defence against rising water tables in the ground itself, so you can get flooding simply by having an uncharacteristically moist season.

Prevention is the best way to save against winter floods and the unnecessary costs associated with water damage and major foundational repair. The first way to prevent winter flooding is some simple steps you can take to help your home’s flood defenses. Be sure to clear snow away from your home as soon as it stops snowing. This will prevent water from seeping into your foundation and building up against “weak points” in your home, like windows and door frames. Plus, your mailman will be very appreciative.

Failing To Perform Basic Maintenance

But the best defence you can have against winter flooding is professional help. Your home could be vulnerable to floods and you would never know, mostly because problems can be invisible to the untrained or naked eye. Get a plumbing professional to check your sump pump or backwater valve for any issues so water stays drained away from your home. They can also check your home for cracks in your foundation, any landscaping issues that are bringing more water to your home, and the window and door frames that could be seeping in water. Only professionals can ensure your home is winter ready for floods, and you can rest easy knowing you won’t walk downstairs into an unwelcome and watery surprise.

Winter flooding is a big problem in the Mississauga area, especially with our milder Southern Ontario climate. But there are things you can do to prevent winter flooding. Hire a professional Mississauga plumber to inspect your home before any problems arise, and take care of your property to keep your home flood-free.

Andrew Olexiuk - Your Toronto Plumbing Expert
Andrew Olexiuk - Your Toronto Plumbing Expert
Andrew has over 20 years of experience as a plumbing contractor. He is co-owner and operator of Absolute Draining & Plumbing, a professional plumbing company serving residential & commercial properties across the Toronto, Ontario region.
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