Everybody’s heard of old wives’ tales; beliefs that have been passed down through generations that typically are not founded in much more than superstition. Stuff like ‘You should get out of bed from the same side you got in if you want good luck,’ these sorts of fables have been around for as long as people could reason and recognize patterns in events. You wouldn’t believe the plumbing myths our downtown plumbers have heard – however, truly connecting the dots takes more than just a quick deduction.

Most of these superstitious myths, old wives tales, and strange beliefs have been proven as false with the advent of the scientific method, but when it comes to plumbing there still exist quite a few myths that you ought to know about. This is part 1 of our home plumbing myths series; we will be bringing you a few parts throughout the next couple of months. Let’s get on with it!

“Every plumber is the same and can fix all problems equally.”

This is one common misconception that sounds like it might hold some weight. If a person calls themselves a plumber, is in-fact a licensed plumber, and has a few good references you would think they are well-qualified to handle any plumbing task. Well, let me tell you, it takes a little more work to hire a good plumber than looking at these few aspects.

If you are looking to find a truly professional plumber, someone who is not only licensed but brings passion to their job you’ll need to dig a little deeper. Take a look online, do they have some good references? Are they referenced online? Can you do a search for their company name and find their website? Can you find them on the Better Business Bureau? There is more than meets-the-eye when it comes to finding a plumber. If you find a plumber using online classifieds make sure that they have proper representation elsewhere online.

“As long as the water is draining – everything is fine.”

Sure, it sounds reasonable right? As long as the water is draining it must be flowing through your drain system without problem. How could there possibly be any trouble? The truth is that clogs generally never start directly at the drain; it is much more common for clogs and build-ups to start much further into the drain system. This is especially the case if you consider foods that swell as they absorb water, they can create clogging issues.

What are some good ways to avoid clogging your drain? Well if you think your system is still functioning well enough that a plumber doesn’t need to be called you can try this simple method; plug your drain, fill up your sink to maximum capacity, then unplug the drain. The weight of the water will push the water down the drain with much more force than if you simply turn the faucet on, this will help to ensure your drain is cleared more effectively.

 “Tossing lemons in your garbage disposal is a great way to clean it up.”

Okay so this one has to be right, right? It’s obviously the lemon in this list of plumbing myths. Wrong! The fact is that metal and acid do not get along. Lemons contain so much acid naturally that you can actually power a light using them, what’s this mean? Putting lemons in your disposal can actually cause it damage! Chopped up lemons smell great, but that’s about the only benefit you’ll be getting from this plumbing myth.

Want to clean up you disposal? There is one way you can clean it up that will cost you virtually nothing, using ice. Just throw a couple of cups of ice in your garbage disposal; those whizzing, whirring chunks of ice will clear up debris and leave your disposal fresher than lemons ever could. Plus, you won’t be causing it undue damage and shortening the lifespan.

Wrapping up

There you have it, part 1 of our home plumbing myths series. I hope you gained some knowledge and have a better understanding of how you can take care of your home plumbing system. For more information on plumbing or if you are in need of a plumbing consultation you local plumber can help you out. We’re available 24-hours a days; when you need us the most.

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    A simple plumbing problem can sometimes be fix by a homeowner but sometimes this can cause a more serious problem that’s why we have to call a plumber because they are the ones who can assess the problem and have the skill to properly fix it.

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