Bathrooms, for some reason, are seen as very practical places. They need to have certain fixtures, of course, and floors that are slip-resistant to keep people safe, but they’re also places where we relax and take some much needed time for ourselves. With that in mind, many people are sprucing up their bathrooms, making them luxurious spaces that are just as fashionable as they are functional

Here are some of our favourite ways we’ve seen people brighten up their bathrooms, turning that once-practical space into something like a spa.

Natural Flooring and Walls

While most bathrooms are lined with boring white tile, many of the trendier designers are looking to natural materials for bathroom floors and walls. This could range from stone wall tiles or wooden slats to surrounding fixtures with small rock gardens for a natural and exotic look. With the right natural materials, your bathroom could look like a cabin getaway or a resort spa, depending on what you want. And you can expand on the colour palette as well, opting for cool greens and blues instead of whites that show off every smudge and stain. That way, your walls can be the start of a place that lets you relax.

Freestanding Tubs

One of the latest trends is freestanding fixtures, including vanities and sinks, but freestanding tubs are still the most dynamic pieces available. It could be a classic claw foot tub with a traditional and vintage decor sense or a pedestal tub that becomes the focal point of your bathroom. Either way, your bathroom will change from normal to completely unique with a freestanding tub, letting you try new and cool arrangements that will be unlike an normal bathroom you’ve seen. Be sure to call a professional plumber to install your fixtures.

A View

We like to think of our bathrooms as super private places, but we can often have windows or skylights out to the world that won’t actually expose us to outside prying eyes. Skylights in particular can bring some much-needed natural light to your bathroom, giving it a more natural and relaxing feel compared to harsh lightbulbs. And larger windows that open out onto the natural beauty around your home can make the bathroom feel like a getaway spa, all in the comfort of your own home.

Your bathroom is for relaxing, having some time to yourself, and pampering, not just the place you fight for when you need your morning shower. With these additions, plus many others, people are turning their bathrooms into places they never want to leave. Whether it’s by adding natural light and beautiful views with the right windows or skylights, or getting a freestanding tub set i a calming rock garden, the bathroom can be transformed into a place of high end luxury. Not just for function no longer, bathrooms are quickly becoming places that trendy fashionistas use as the watermark of a beautiful and functional home.

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