Before selling our homes, we often like to take a look at what we’re working with in terms of the house as is, and in doing so we need to ask ourselves important questions. Hiring a Toronto plumber, such as Absolute Draining & Plumbing to help with this process is a good first-step. Questions like “Is this kitchen going to appeal to the type of people I want to buy this home?” and “Is the bathroom in need of some new fixtures?” Each question we have for our home is one of resale value, of how much we can stand to make with each.

Remodelling your kitchen and bathroom can be broken down into three categories: major kitchen remodelling, minor kitchen remodelling, and bathroom remodelling. Today, we wanted to break down each one to show you which may be the better option for your home, covering what is expected with each kind of remodel and what the expected costs can be. That way, you can decide which is the better bang for your buck.

The Major Kitchen Remodel

Estimated cost recoup percentage: 60-65%

The major kitchen remodel is a big undertaking. It usually starts with your appliances and often involves busting down walls for something that people can easily move around in. Sinks are replaced with bigger ones, plumbing needs to be completely reworked, and all the latest gadgets are put in to make the whole thing look amazing. If you have an older home, updating your kitchen with something much bigger may be your best bet for getting your home sold faster, but it probably won’t get you much more money. For instance installing a brand new dishwasher could be a huge improvement to your home.

The Minor Kitchen Remodel

Estimated cost recoup percentage: 80-85%

Unlike a major kitchen remodel, minor kitchen remodelling usually focuses on the things people see right away: sinks and appliances. You can swap out appliances fairly easily in your home, ones that will look great without costing too much money, and they will mostly retain their value. The same goes with sinks: perhaps getting a bigger double sink instead of a single, or replacing the faucet with something a little more useful. All these things make for a much better looking kitchen without really costing you a lot of extra dough. And the recoup cost is exceedingly high. So bang for buck, it’s your best option.

The Bathroom Remodel

Estimated cost recoup percentage: 60-65%

As you can see, the recoup cost difference between the major kitchen remodel and a bathroom remodel is practically the same, so it really comes down to what you have the budget and time for. With a bathroom remodel, you will replace most of the fixtures, including your toilet, sink, and tub, with newer, more efficient and better looking pieces. That may require some minor plumbing work as well to keep the water pressure up. But it won’t be as expensive as a major kitchen remodel unless you start busting down walls or seriously upgrading. So if you want to get the bathroom up and running, it may be a better place to start than with your kitchen.

As you can see, if you are short on time and money, a minor kitchen remodel is probably your best bet. But it all depends on your home. Most of us don’t have the cash to do major renovations all at once, so you may want to start with the oldest parts of your home for remodelling. But if you’re looking at choosing just one remodel, the minor kitchen remodel is easily the best option.

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