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Expert Plumbers in the Annex

If you are in the Annex and looking for an expert plumbing service, you’ve arrived at the right place. Our plumbing professionals are experienced in all forms of plumbing and provide the highest level service at a great price. Established in 1998, we have been serving the Annex area for almost 15 years, providing our services to homeowners, business owners, and industrial businesses. As such, we are very familiar with the area, as well as the local city infrastructure, such as sewage and main hook-ups.

Annex Drain Snaking and Drain Cleaning

If you have encountered a clog or blockage that you are unable to clear on your own, we offer a top-tier drain snaking service for unclogging drains. Using both mechanical and hand-cranked augurs, we can clear a multitude of tough drain clogs, leaving your drains functional once more. As a follow-up to a drain snaking, we recommend having your drains cleaned with our hydro-jetting service.

Hydro-jetting utilizes a compressor with a special snake and head. The snake is inserted into the pipe and the compressor pressurizes the water to a high PSI. The highly pressurized water is then blasted through the drain, clearing out all clogs, build-up, blockages, foreign material, and more. The end result is a drain that flows just like it did when it was new.

Drain Repair and Replacement

We repair and replace drains as well as unclog and clean them. We can even do all this without having to dig big, ugly trenches in your yard or basement. Using our no-dig drain technology, such as CIPP liners and pipe bursting, we can re-line or replace an entire drain. This only requires two small holes to be dug, one on either end of the pipe. From there, we can work to install a cured-in-place pipe liner, or even use pipe bursting to completely replace the pipe. Pipe bursting works by using the old pipe as a guide, laying down new pipe as it goes and “bursting” the old pipe apart.

Plumbing Emergency? Challenge Accepted

We offer a responsive, all-hours emergency plumbing service to handle your off-hours plumbing needs and emergencies. Since plumbing problems do not keep working hours, we have crafted this service to fit your needs during nights and week-ends. If you are still on the fence in regards to choosing us as your Annex plumbers, call us at 416-252-5557 and ask for more information.