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Baby Point Plumbers

baby point plumbing service provider

Are you out looking for plumbers in Baby Point? We are familiar with the area and its residents.

We have been providing the Baby Point neighbourhood in York with residential plumbing for years now. From unclogging toilets to installing and upgrading main lines, and everything in-between, we are the first choice of Baby Point residents for their plumbing services.

Our service is insured, licensed and bonded, and dedicated to giving you the top value for your dollar. We use only the highest quality of materials for conducting repairs and installations, to ensure that any work performed can be counted on to last for years.

If you are unsure of the state of your home’s plumbing, you should really schedule a plumbing inspection with us. We offer multiple types of inspections, but the most commonly requested is the CCTV camera inspection for drain lines. We employ a camera to look around in the main drain pipe and other drain lines to inspect them for blockages, wear and tear, and potential failures.

Baby Point Drain Cleaning

For those drains that are starting to get problematic, we have just the thing. A nice hydro-jet drain cleaning will clean your pipes of all the grease, sludge, and whatever else might have been accumulating in there. These are great especially for problem pipes that clog up a lot, or for drain lines that are exhibiting reduced flow. Blocked drain lines are a concern for anyone, since they can lead to waste overflowing into your home.

We also conduct drain snaking for knocking out those more common clogs and blockages. This is great for a single clogged toilet, sink, shower, bath, or other drain. We can have any fixture draining great again after one of our drain cleanings.

Basement Waterproofing in Baby Point

There are a lot of ravines and other waterways surrounding Baby Point. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make sure that your home’s waterproofing is up to par. The basement is the most likely place for water to intrude and accumulate, so by making sure it is safe from leaks, you are doing a big part in helping to secure your home from flooding and water damage.

Other Service We Provide in Baby Point

We do a lot more than drain cleaning and waterproofing. We also install plumbing fixtures: from toilets to bath-tubs, we can do it. You can also call us if you have a plumbing emergency, as we offer a 24-hour emergency plumbing service.