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Exterior foundation waterproofing is very effective

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In order to prevent basement flooding and to keep the interior of your basement dry it is important to ensure that you have adequate basement and foundation waterproofing. This is where our Toronto basement waterproofing services help.

One of the most interesting and alluring aspects of the City of Toronto is the presence of older homes, however one aspect of these older homes is that they have aging foundations with the majority requiring some sort of repairs. The longer these beautiful homes sit and age the worse their foundations will become resulting in basement flooding and, in the absolute worst cases, structural failure due to a compromised foundation.

We can help to solve these issues with the installation of a weeping tile system, foundation repairs, and through foundation waterproofing methods.

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diagram of a standard basement waterproofing system

Diagram of typical basement waterproofing systems

Full Basement Waterproofing Services

When it comes to basement flooding prevention the first step is to make sure that all basement waterproofing methods have been implemented and inspected. Your foundation is very important part of this.

The fact is that flooded basements damages can quickly mount to tens of thousands of dollars; continued flooding through caused by failed foundation waterproofing can become extremely costly to repair as there is the opportunity for a weakened foundation which can lead to serious structural consequences down the road. This is why it is so important to ensure that your foundation is in top working order at all times; fully repaired, waterproofed, and protected from the elements.

This is how you keep your basement dry and avoid wet basement problems.

Weeping Tile Installation

closeup of weeping tile showing slits

Weeping tile; a pipe with small holes visible

The weeping tile system will help to reduce the water that is present in the soil near the foundation of the home, and is a crucial component in any basement waterproofing setup.

This system is fairly straight forward; it is a porous pipe with slits that is buried underground next to the foundation. It is installed in the ground surrounded by gravel that is larger than the slits to prevent the slits from becoming blocked with soil that typically sits on top of the gravel. A special type of cloth (landscaping cloth/garden cloth) is installed surrounding the layer of gravel to ensure that soil does not penetrate into the gravel and cause future problems with the weeping tile.

As water collects in the soil it drains into the weeping tile which is connected to the sump pump or sewer system, this allows the water to be drained instead of sitting in the soil and either flooding the basement or soaking the foundation. This setup works extremely well and is installed in virtually any location that water needs to be drained.

The majority of older homes have an older system that was made using clay pipes and it is very common to see that these pipes have collapsed rendering the system utterly useless for basement waterproofing purposes. When this is the case it is important to excavate the entire foundation and reinstall a brand new weeping tile system, typically we will also waterproof the foundation at this time since the majority of properties that need new drainage installed also require their foundation to be waterproofed.

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

basics of foundation waterproofing

Example of exterior waterproofing system

This aspect of basement waterproofing involves excavating down to the footing of your foundation and waterproofing the exterior of your home.

Once we’ve remove the earth we will typically install a new weeping tile system if necessary and then proceed to repair and waterproof the foundation of your property. This is very important step when it comes to wet basement repair.

Since this is no small job we will need to consider areas we can place all of our materials. This involves digging tools, and in some situations excavating equipment. For the most part though digging out a foundation needs to be done carefully so excavators will only be used when we can guarantee the work is done safely.

Some of the time we will need to completely remove the dirt as it can be contaminated with rocks and other debris that may not be suitable to go back into the ground; since the City of Toronto is a very diverse and old city this will vary depending on where you are located and the age of your property.

If we need to access your entire property we will also work with you to contact your neighbours and plan accordingly. When this is the case we will take all necessary safety precautions to ensure their property is safe during our work and left clean afterwards. The only thing we leave behind is a perfectly waterproofed basement.

1. Clean the foundation walls (basement exterior)

Once we’ve excavated the ground we give your foundation a very thorough cleaning using tools such as brooms and brushes to scrub it down. A clean foundation will allow us to spot cracks and areas that need to be repaired, these sort of repairs are critical to prevent moisture from accessing the wall and future problems down the road.

2. Damp proof the foundation

After we’ve conducted a thorough inspection and repaired all foundation problems we will apply a damp proofing layer to the surface using an appropriate damp proofer such as a tar formula or Blue Seal membrane. This coating is to prevent the capillary action of water and will stop any moisture from penetrating into the foundation wall and entering into your basement.

3. Install waterproof membrane

The next step will be to install the waterproof membrane which is a dimpled plastic sheet that is attached to the foundation wall; essentially another layer of protection for the foundation and your basement. This dimpled sheet provides a small gap between the plastic membrane and the wall, allowing water to drain down to the footing and into the weeping tile. It also protects the surface of the foundation from coming into direct contact with the moist soil and also prevents the foundation from being damaged by any debris that may be present in the soil.

In order to inspect and clean the weeping tile system in the future we will often install an above grade cleanout which is an extension of the weeping tile that above the ground.

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