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Absolute Draining & Plumbing is an insured and bonded basement waterproofing service having more than 15 years of experience. We will end the problems caused by your flood-prone, leaky or wet basement. We provide high-quality Markham basement waterproofing to ensure sure that your property remains dry and free from the risk of basement flooding.

The city of Markham contains several old houses with aged foundations. Most of the foundations have developed cracks in them which lead to water accumulation and basement flooding. In extreme cases, this flooding can cause foundation collapse and hence the failure of the structure. This is where Absolute Draining & Plumbing presents its services.

diagram of a standard basement waterproofing system

Full Basement Waterproofing

The first step to prevent basement flooding is to ensure whether all methods implemented for basement waterproofing are working properly.

Damages caused by basement flooding can cost you tens of thousands of dollars if not treated in their initial stage. Continued flooding deteriorates foundations rapidly and can significantly reduce the foundation strength resulting in the collapse of the structure. This is why you should make sure that your basement is dry, fully repaired and waterproofed at all times.

We solve all these issues by installing weeping tile system, foundation repairs, and through foundation waterproofing methods.

closeup of weeping tile showing slits

Weeping Tile Installation

This system is an important component to reduce the moisture content of soil in any basement waterproofing system.

It consists of a hollow pipe containing several slits which are buried in the ground adjacent to the foundation. The pipe is surrounded by all sides from gravel packing and then by a special garden cloth. Both the gravel and the cloth serve the same purpose of retaining the soil from penetrating into the slits.

As soon as the water accumulates in the soil due to rain or any other reason, the water starts collecting in the pipe. Thus the water gets drained from the weeping tile by means of a sewer system rather than flooding the foundation or basement. This system is efficient in draining water from any affected location.

A majority of houses in Markham use the older version of this system which is made of clay pipes. These pipes are more susceptible to collapse under load and most of the systems installed in older houses have already collapsed creating flooding problems.

In such cases, the only solution is to carry out the excavation of entire foundation and replacing the setup. Generally, we also carry out the waterproofing of foundation along with system replacement because due to faulty weeping tile system the foundation of buildings also gets damaged.

basics of foundation waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing

The foundation waterproofing process is mainly composed of two main steps; excavation and waterproofing of exterior surface of the foundation.

Once we have excavated the ground, we also inspect the weeping tile system to ensure it is not damaged and working properly. If needed, we replace it with a new system. Then we proceed to foundation repair and waterproofing.

We require a lot of space to place our digging and excavating materials. Most of the time we use excavator machines so as to ensure a high-quality rapid work. After we have removed the earth we check the excavated soil. Sometimes the soil contains too much debris, rocks, and dirt. Due to these contaminants, such soil is not suitable for backfilling so we remove it completely and fill the excavation with a different soil from some other source.

Sometimes, the foundations of a building may be too close to the foundations of a nearby building. In such cases, we carry out all safety precautions to safeguard not only you’re but also your neighbours’ properties. We clean everything from our work and just leave only a perfect waterproofed basement behind.

Process of Repairing and Waterproofing basements

The process of repairing and waterproofing of an existing foundation follows three simple steps:

  1. Cleaning

The first step after excavation is the thorough scrubbing and cleaning of the foundation by using brooms, brushes or other tools. Cleaning helps to locate the cracks and all those areas which need repair. By treating these damaged areas, we can prevent all subsequent future problems that may arise including the moisture accumulation in the foundations.

  1. Damp proof layer

After the repair process, a damp proof layer is applied on the surface of foundation to prevent moisture penetration into the basement due to capillary action or other reasons. This coating can be of tar, Blue Seal membrane or any other damp proofer substance.

  1. Damp proof membrane

The last step is to install a damp proof membrane to the foundation as another layer of moisture protection. This membrane is usually a dimpled plastic sheet which is simply attached to the exterior foundation wall. Along with moisture protection, the sheet also serves to protect the foundation from directly touching the moist soil and the debris present in the soil.

After installing the membrane we fill the excavated area either by the same soil or by a different soil, depending on its quality. We leave nothing behind except a perfectly waterproofed basement.

Contact us today for high-quality Markham basement waterproofing service – our skilled, experienced technicians will provide you with a full inspection and detail the work required to secure your home from floods and dampness.

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  • ★★★★★ Andrew came and inspected my exterior drain. He was professional, pleasant and punctual. Using a drain camera he showed us what the issues were and made recommendations of how to remedy our issues. We made an appointment and the work was done on schedule and as per the quote he gave us. I would highly recommend their services. Very happy with their work.

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  • ★★★★★ They were very professional, quick and best priced draining and plumbing company I called. They were honest with what they saw in my basement plumbing and did not push to upsell any additional work. They gave great advice as to what to keep an eye out regarding my old plumbing in the future and I appreciated the honesty. They replaced my sewage piping from the stack to the edge of my property (big job) and were in and out of my house in a few days and cleaned up very well!

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  • ★★★★★ Andy (the estimator) was terrific. Showed up exactly when he said he would and gave me (and my son) great advice on how to maintain the work they put in at our house. Crews were a little late on starting but stayed until the job was finished. What I thought was going to be a 2 - 3 day job (installation of a Back Flow Valve) was completed and inspected in 1 day! Will definitely use them again.

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