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If you are looking for a service to put an end to the wet, flooded or leaky basements, your search ends here. Absolute Draining & Plumbing is an insured, experienced and bonded company providing high-quality Mississauga basement waterproofing services.

First and foremost thing to keep your basement in a perfect condition is to adequately waterproof the foundations of the basement because most of the times it is where the seepage and flooding starts. Once the foundations are secured, the basement can be confidently rendered flooding resistant.

In the city of Mississauga, there are a number of old and historic buildings which are the charm and beauty of the city. But this beauty has a trouble attached to it. The foundations of these buildings have aged after all the years of wear and tear and now are no longer able to support the weight of the building. To avoid the structural failure and other complications it is necessary to waterproof and repair the foundations of these buildings.

diagram of a standard basement waterproofing system

Full Basement Waterproofing Services

When the basement is to be made waterproofed and the flooding problem is to be completely avoided, the most important thing is to implement and inspect all the basement waterproofing methods. The most important part of any such operation is none other than waterproofing the foundation of the building.

Leakages and moisture accumulation can lead to severe consequences if not treated in the initial stages. The main problem faced in any such scenario is that the damages caused by basement problems can quickly mount up to several thousands of dollars. The only way to avoid such problems is to timely waterproof the foundations and basement. This is where our services come in handy for you. We make sure offer two main services to deal with your basement related problems, weeping tile setup and waterproofing services.

closeup of weeping tile showing slits

Weeping Tile Setup Installation

In order to reduce the water content of the soil surrounding the foundation of the building the most efficient technique applied is weeping tiles setup installation.

The system is very simple yet works wonders for the building. The system comprises of porous pipes covered with gravel and a special cloth. The water present in the soil is drained by the pipes into the weeping tiles. The weeping tiles are connected to the sump pump which pumps the water out and into the sewer hence preventing it from seeping into the foundations and weakening them or flooding the foundations.

Most of the older establishments in the area of Mississauga have an older iteration of this arrangement in place but the pipes used at that time were made of clay. Most of those pipes have yielded under the entire load rendering the arrangement unusable. In such cases, the soil surrounding the building needs to be dug out and fresh pipes are to be installed so that the arrangement can again be functional. While this is being done, the exposed surfaces of the building are also treated with waterproofing so that no further problems are encountered in future.

basics of foundation waterproofing

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

In this process, the exterior of the foundation is excavated to the very depth of the foundation. After all the material surrounding the property has been removed, the foundation is made waterproofed to maximize its service life. This procedure is the most important thing in the process of basement repair and waterproofing.

This job is neither easy nor simple. We need to place a large amount of equipment and machinery to perform excavation. We perform a full site survey and chalk out a way by which the job can be accomplished with the minimum risk and no disturbance to the surrounding property.

In some but not all of the cases, it may also involve the cooperation of your neighbours especially if you share walls. In such cases, we do all the work technically and professionally to avoid the technical, financial and legal problems.

The process typically involves the following parts:

  1. Clean the foundation walls (basement exterior)

Once we are done with excavating the soil, the foundations and exterior walls are thoroughly cleaned using special tools. Clean foundations allow us to visualize any of the cracks in them and let us repair the areas. These repairs are of utmost importance to avoid seepage of any more water into the foundation and ultimately the basement.

  1. Damp proof the foundation

After the inspection and repair of the foundation are complete, a damp proofing layer is applied to the walls and foundation. This layer stops the capillary action of water preventing it from entering the foundation. Mostly tar or black seal formula is used for this purpose.

  1. Install waterproof membrane

This is an additional layer of waterproofing provided outside the damp proof course to provide added protection and drain any trapped water. Usually, a plastic sheet is employed as the waterproof membrane.

After installing the membrane, we fill the soil back into the earth after inspecting it. If the soil has contaminants that can cause deterioration of sheet then it is completely removed and replaced with some other soil. We then level the site and clean it properly before leaving.

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