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Richmond Hill Basement Waterproofing

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We provide high-quality Richmond Hill basement waterproofing services. We will put an end to your wet basement, or flood problems once and for all.

With extensive experience, high-class equipment, and highly-trained professionals, Absolute Draining & Plumbing is all set to take care of all your waterproofing and drainage needs.

In order to have a basement that is totally dry and free from flooding and dampness of any type, it is important to get the facility properly waterproofed and sealed so that there is no chance of even the smallest amount of water seeping in. Basement and foundation both must be made utterly waterproof to accomplish it. Absolute Drainage & Plumbing is your best choice to do this.

Richmond Hill is a city which has a number of old and historical buildings in it. The aging homes and establishments are surely the beauty of the city but there is a grim issue related to them. With the passage of time, the foundations of the buildings tend to lose strength and have an ever-increasing tendency of failing under the load of the building. In order to enhance the age of these buildings, the foundations must be waterproofed to make them last even longer.

diagram of a standard basement waterproofing system

Full Basement Waterproofing Services

To make any underground part of the building completely waterproof, and avoid the chances of flooding all possible methods of waterproofing must be implemented to ensure maximum performance. The most seepage prone area of a building is its substructure (foundations and basements) and it must be waterproofed adequately.

Flooding does not only cause cosmetic damages to the building. The main trouble starts when the flooding starts to disintegrate the structure of the building and it starts losing strength. In such a case the damages to the building can increase very fast and can end up with the owner having to spend thousands of dollars to get the building repaired. Such complications can be avoided by having the foundations inspected and repaired in time.

The details may be very frightening but you need not worry because Absolute Draining & Plumbing has got you covered. We can deal with all sorts of seepage related problems and maintain the building to its strength. We treat the moisture accumulation problems in two ways, by installing weeping tile system near foundations and a waterproof membrane to the exterior surface of foundations and basements.


closeup of weeping tile showing slits

Weeping Tile Installation

In order to minimize the amount of water in the soil surrounding the foundations and basement, the most successful technique in practice is the use of weeping tiles.

This simple yet genius technique can help you get rid of most of the problems related to basement drainage and waterproofing. The setup relies basically on porous pipes with slits in them. The pipes are installed in the soil surrounding the foundation and they are then buried in the gravel whose size is bigger than that of the pores in the pipe. A special cloth is placed on the gravel which is in turn covered with finer soil. The setup helps to drain the water out of the soil hence making it easier to waterproof the building.

Many of the older buildings already have a similar arrangement to drain excess water out of the soil. In the older version, the pipes were made of clay or mud which could easily be crushed under the weight of the soil on top of them. Once the pipes have yielded to the load, they can no longer serve the purpose. In order to set things right in such a situation, the soil in the immediate vicinity of the building is removed and the pipes are installed. During this procedure, the foundations and other parts of the building in direct contact with the soil are also waterproofed to make them last longer against the harsh environment.

basics of foundation waterproofing

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

This is the part of the waterproofing in which the soil around the exterior of the establishment is excavated to expose the foot of the foundation and the exterior of the building is waterproofed because this is the part of the building where the seepage and other problems usually start from.

The waterproofing process is carried out in three simple steps. The first step involves the cleaning (scrubbing) of the external surface of substructure by special cleaning tools to expose any cracks or damaged areas. The second step involves the application of a damp proof chemical like tar formula or black seal compound on the external surface. The last step involves the installation of an impermeable plastic sheet known as a damp proof membrane on the external walls of basement and foundation.

After the waterproofing, the removed soil is filled back in the excavation. If this procedure needs to be performed in your case, we may need to ask your neighbours to cooperate. You need to worry about anything as we ensure the safety of your property and those of your neighbours’. We have the expertise to deal with all matters avoiding all legal and technical complications. We have the best team which leaves nothing behind except an effective waterproofed basement.

Contact us today for your Richmond Hill basement waterproofing needs, we will solve your problems for good.