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Scarborough Basement Waterproofing

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Scarborough basement waterproofing troubles are put to an end with our services. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Absolute Draining & Plumbing will put end to your leaked, moist, or flood-prone basements. Insured and bonded, and having over 15 years professional experience in providing waterproofing services we are the best basement waterproofing service in Scarborough.

To prevent basement from flooding and to keep their interior dry, you must have adequate waterproofing in your foundation and basement. That is where our quality services help you.

The most alluring and interesting aspect of Scarborough is its older homes, but the problem is that these homes have aged foundations requiring a lot of repairs. If not done in time, small problems may result in serious problems like basement flooding, or in the worst cases, can even cause structural collapse due to weakened foundations.

diagram of a standard basement waterproofing system

Our Waterproofing Services

The first step to prevent basement flooding is to ensure that waterproofing techniques have been properly implemented.

Damages caused by flooded basements can cost you several thousands of bucks. That is why, you should get your foundation checked regularly to make sure that it is fully repaired, working properly, and waterproof. That is how you can avoid severe basement problems.

We offer two types of interrelated services to end your basement drainage problems which are the installation of weeping tile system and damp proof membrane.

closeup of weeping tile showing slits

Weeping Tile System Installation

This system is an important component in any basement waterproofing system as it greatly reduces the water present in soil near the foundations of your home.

It is, in fact, a pipe with several slits buried underground adjacent to your foundation. It is then surrounded by gravels that are larger in size than the slits. A special kind of cloth (garden/landscaping cloth) is also installed around the gravel packing to make sure that soil cannot penetrate the gravel causing blockade and other problems in the system.

As the water starts collecting in the nearby soil, it begins to drain into the porous pipe connected to a sump pump. Hence, the water gets drained instead of collecting in the soil avoiding flooding of the basement. This system works well in any location where water needs to be drained.

Many homes in Scarborough have older systems that were made by clay pipes which can easily get collapsed under the weight. Majority of them have already failed to make the setup useless for waterproofing purposes. These homes need to reinstall the brand new system by carrying out the excavation. If we do so, we also install waterproof membrane to the foundation since every house that needs new drainage also requires its foundations to be waterproofed.
basics of foundation waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing

This involves excavating the ground and doing waterproofing on the external surface of the substructure. Since it is a big job we need areas where we can easily place our tools and excavating equipment. Most of the time, we use excavators to guarantee that your work is being done safely.

Sometimes we need access to your entire building along with your neighbours. In such cases, we take special precautions to safeguard their property along with yours. After excavating the earth, we install the waterproof layer in three easy steps.

  1. Cleaning of foundation walls

Once we have excavated the earth, we give the foundation a thorough cleaning by using tools like brooms or brushes. A cleaned foundation allows spotting of damages and cracks that need repairing. These repairs are important to prevent water from accessing walls of the building.

  1. Damp proofing of foundation

After repairing all problems pertaining to worn out foundations we apply a damp proof layer to their surface. Usually, a suitable damp proofer such as tar or Blue Seal compound is selected for the purpose. The coating prevents water from penetrating the foundation wall and entering the basement.

  1. Installing waterproof membrane

Finally, we install a waterproof membrane usually a dimpled plastic sheet which is made attached to the exterior wall of basement and foundation. It is, in fact, another layer to protect the basement and your foundation from moisture penetration. The sheet makes water to enter the weeping tile and get drained out of it through the sewer system. The sheet also protects the foundation from touching the moist soil hence avoiding the damages caused by contaminants present in the soil.

After we are done with this procedure we put the excavated soil back to its place. Sometimes we have to completely discard the soil if it is contaminated with excessive dirt, rocks or debris. Such soil is not suitable to fill back in the earth so we import soil from some other place.

We also add an above-ground extension of the weeping tile which helps us to check and clean the system in future. After we have done our work we level the ground by levelers and clean everything to return them to their original condition. We treat your property with utmost care and respect. We are undoubtedly the best waterproofing service in Scarborough.