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Absolute Draining & Plumbing is aimed to end your flooded, leaked or wet basement. We have 15 years of expertise in providing the services for an effective waterproofing basement system.

The Woodbridge city has many old houses with older typical foundations. Water accumulation and moisture concentration are observed at the corners along with cracks in the basements of these houses. Therefore, waterproofing system is needed to prevent the water to penetrate inside the walls of the foundation.

diagram of a standard basement waterproofing system

Our Waterproofing Services

Moisture accumulation and basement flooding is a common problem in the houses present in Woodbridge. It is wise to deal with this problem in its early stages because flooded basements will leave no penny behind in your pocket as the damages caused by it are huge. The repeated leakage and water flooding harms the foundation. It weakens its strength and arises many problems for the user. One problem leads to the other and creates a series of events that can result in structural failure in extreme cases.

Therefore, we provide the best way to save money by our efficient foundation and basement waterproofing services.  We primarily use two methods to deal with flooding problems, installation of weeping tiles and waterproofing the exterior of substructure (foundation and basement).

closeup of weeping tile showing slits

Weeping Tile Installation

This feature includes the installation of a unique system in the ground called Weeping tile system. The system consists of a porous pipe buried near the base of the foundation. The pipe is surrounded by a coarser layer of gravel soil. The larger size of gravel will hinder the movement of soil into the silts. To ensure that the sand or clay does not penetrate into the voids of gravel, we provide a special type of cloth which covers the layer of gravel. This system assists the drainage of water through the porous pipe. Thus water escapes the soil without accumulating in foundations leaving the basement dry.

The residents of Woodbridge City used to have older weeping tile system comprising of clay pipes. It presents many problems and can also collapse under pressure. In fact, most of the older systems have already collapsed and waterproofing is not being carried out there. That is why new weeping tiles must be installed to avoid the problems caused by water accumulation.

basics of foundation waterproofing

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

Isolating the foundation from moist soil is also important because water can easily penetrate into the walls from the surrounding soil. It is done by excavating the earth, installing waterproofing membrane to the exterior surfaces of basement and foundation and then filling back the removed soil.

The excavation is done by proper excavator machines. The digging is started from the top and goes to the bottom of the foundation. After we have removed the soil we apply waterproofing membrane in three steps:

  1. Cleaning of exterior walls:

First of all, the exterior walls of the basement and foundation must be cleaned and scrubbed so that the cracks could be identified at any point. This helps us to target the damaged parts. We do this by cleaning tools like brushes and brooms.

  1. Damp Proofing the foundation:

In the second step, we coat the wall with special materials which prevent the water to pass through them. Normally, black seal material or hot liquid bitumen is laid laterally to hinder the capillary action of water. Damp proofing will be a barrier to moisture movement keeping the foundation dry.

  1. Installation of Waterproof Membrane:

In the final step, we install a dimpled plastic sheet act as an insulator for the propagation of water from the soil to the basement. This process is called “Waterproof Membrane Installation”. This membrane provides a gap between the moist soil strata and the exterior walls. The water from the surrounding soil finds its way to the drainage sump tank because of the barrier created by waterproofing membrane. Thus water will not reach the wall keeping it moisture free and dry at all times.

After we have installed the waterproof layer we put back the removed soil in place. If the soil contains contaminants like debris or rocks then we do not fill that soil back into the earth because these contaminants can damage the waterproof membrane. So in such cases, which are very frequent in Woodbridge, we bring adequate soil from another place and fill it into the excavation.

We have an experienced team of professionals along with all latest tools and equipment. We pay special attention to the safety of your property alongside the adjacent properties. We treat our customers and their valuable properties with respect. After we have done our work, we level the ground and clean everything just like it was before. We leave nothing behind except a perfect waterproofed foundation or basement. We are the best basement and foundation waterproofing company in Woodbridge.

We provide complete Woodbridge basement waterproofing services; from foundation repair, to interior waterproofing. Contact us today for a free consultation.