Hot water heaters are among the most energy-intensive appliances in the average home. Now, more people are switching to tankless, or on demand, water heaters to save energy while enjoying an endless supply of hot water.

Although tankless water heaters might seem like a new invention to some homeowners in the United States, these appliances have been used for decades in other parts of the world. If you’re in the market for a new water heater, here are some of the biggest benefits of on demand water heaters.

Smaller Than Conventional Hot Water Heaters

Because tankless hot water heaters lack storage tanks, they require less space. This paves the way for installing multiple heaters in homes that could benefit from it, such as when residents vary significantly in their hot water usage habits during the same times of day. On demand water heaters are available in whole-house models as well as specific faucet models.

The additional space made possible by choosing tankless water heaters is especially valuable in apartments, condos and smaller houses where you’re fighting for as much storage space as you can find. For maximum space indoors, the on demand water heater can be installed outside of the building, providing you even greater space in your home to store your belongings.

Better Water

Clean water is vital for numerous activities around the home, but water from conventional heaters can be full of sediment, such as rust and lime scale, that builds up in the tank over time. With an on demand hot water heater, this is never a problem. Water that is heated in the appliance has just arrived and is passed on to its destination just as quickly.

This means that the hot water inside the home tastes better and is potentially safer for bathing and consumption, as it isn’t stored and doesn’t have the time to build up any sediment.

More Eco-Friendly

As environmental concerns continue to grow, many homeowners are become more conscious of their individual carbon footprint. Conventional hot water tanks waste significant energy due to constantly heating the water tank, with much of the energy used for heating your water going unused as heat energy transferring to the space around your traditional tank heater.

Fortunately, this issue is eliminated by an on demand hot water heater. Only when faucets are turned on is water heated by the tankless water heater, resulting in less energy consumption and an efficiency rating of nearly 99 percent. Tankless hot water heaters also produce less waste.

The majority tankless heaters are manufactured from recyclable materials, a major improvement over conventional tank water heaters, which pile up in the landfills.

Financial Savings

Tankless water heaters cost more than conventional ones initially, but they easily make up the difference in a number of ways. First, operating costs are bound to be lower and depend on the hot water usage in the home. This translates to savings of up to one third for many homeowners. Installation costs can sometimes also be reduced thanks to federal tax credits. Finally, the home will have more value to buyers when it is time to sell if it has an on demand water heater rather than a conventional one.

In addition to their other benefits, tankless water heaters may last up to 20 years, twice as long as the ten years of service normally expected from traditional tank water heaters. The water heater’s life span is affected by local water and the quality of the appliance itself. However, because no water is stored inside the appliance, there is less time for corrosion to occur, allowing the on demand heater to service your family for years to come.

By choosing tankless water heaters, consumers can enjoy more convenience for longer while saving money and helping the environment.

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