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If you are planning a home renovation you probably already have a few ideas of what you want. It might be a smaller project where you are just concerned with renovating the bathroom or kitchen or it could be a large-scale project where you are renovating the entire home.

A home renovation is a good opportunity to get a range of different upgrades. If you already have the work going on in the home, adding a few additional tasks could help you to get more value from the project.

Today, we are going to take a look at a few ideas that any homeowner should consider when they are doing a renovation. Some of these might already be on the list, and others might not apply to the type of renovation that you are doing. However, if you can fit any of these in with your current home renovation plans, it could make for a better value in the long run. Read more

kitchen renovation project in a toronto home after plumbing installation and completion

A home renovation can be an exciting project for a homeowner. You start with a vision of what you expect from the finished product, but there is a lot of work that goes into getting a renovation from inception to completion. If you want to achieve the desired end result, it will take a lot of planning, and you need to have the right professionals on the job. Read more

When people think of a double sink, they often think of their kitchen. After all, a double sink in the kitchen has distinct and very tangible benefits. But people are now discovering that a double sink can be used in places other than the kitchen, and some are even having them installed in their bathrooms. Read more

tankless water heater on the outside of a home

Tankless water heaters seemed like they’d be a society-changing upgrade to the traditional tank. By getting rid of the tank, and thus the need to keep a large amount of water heated and at the ready, seemed to be a great idea. But even after years of existence, tankless water heaters haven’t exactly caught on the way that many people expected. Read more

modern bathroom after home upgrade

The housing market is really competitive and no matter where you live, adding something a little extra can cut your sale times and increase the price. Some things are small, like painting, and can be done without too much hassle or money. Read more

beautiful kitchen home after a remodeling project

Before selling our homes, we often like to take a look at what we’re working with in terms of the house as is, and in doing so we need to ask ourselves important questions. Read more

We often think of home renovations and improvements as a great idea. They can make our spaces more useful, spruce up our home’s look, and increase the value of our homes. While two of those reasons may be correct, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the latter is true. While adding a backwater valve is certainly one way to improve your home’s resale value Read more

beautifully completed home renovation

We’ve written a lot about plumbing, this month we’re going to focus on a few topics a little more diverse. Many people look at their home and wish there was a way to make it look completely different then they look at their bank account balance and put the dream aside, which is totally unfortunate. Read more

bathroom renovation project featuring marble and a great view

Bathrooms, for some reason, are seen as very practical places. They need to have certain fixtures, of course, and floors that are slip-resistant to keep people safe, but they’re also places where we relax and take some much needed time for ourselves. With that in mind, many people are sprucing up their bathrooms, making them luxurious spaces that are just as fashionable as they are functional Read more

burst plumbing pipe in need of repair

Clogged sinks, backed-up toilets, and other plumbing problems around the house can sometimes be fixed by simple methods known to plenty of handymen or even you yourself. Some problems, though, need a professional, and that’s when you should call a plumber. Professional, licensed plumbers have had many years of training both on the job and hitting the books, and they learned some tricks along the way. Tricks that will save you money and keep the worst, most feared plumbing problems from ever happening in the first place. Read more