It’s pretty common that we have home owners contacting us to repair their plumbing, trust me; we repair a lot of plumbing in any given month. All across Toronto, Absolute Draining & Plumbing regularly provide a number of plumbing repairs, but there are a few common issues that people face we’d like to address and provide some further information on. Some people aren’t always sure what aspects of their home plumbing system need the most care or when to call a plumber. Let’s just get this out of the way; whenever you have a plumbing problem, regardless of size, it’s always a good idea to contact a plumber!

Toilet Problems

Many people face problems with their toilet. A broken toilet that runs all the time can be a significant waste of water. This problem can be caused by a myriad of issues, most of them are easy to remedy and when compared with the cost of wasted water, very cheap to repair. If you suspect that your toilet is leaking you can do this simple DIY test:

  • Open the back of your toilet, so you can access the water in the tank.
  • Add a generous amount of food colouring to the water.
  • Let the toilet sit for 20 minutes.
  • Return to the toilet and look in the bowl.
  • If you see the water in the bowl has changed colour as well you know that water is leaking from the tank into the bowl. The next best move is to contact a plumber to discuss plumbing repairs.

If you discover that you do have a leak, the best thing to do is call up a contractor to repair the toilet leak as soon as possible.

Leaking Faucets

The leaking faucet is something everyone is familiar with and one of the most common repairs we perform in Toronto. With constant use and age faucets eventually develop leaks. Most people will put up with a leaking faucet for a considerable amount of time before doing anything about it. This is a bad move since the amount of water wasted from a leaking faucet can be significant; upwards of a 100 litres a month! This wasted water isn’t only costing you money, but it puts an unnecessary strain on our water purification system. If you’re in need of leaking faucet repair just contact your local plumbers, they’ll be able to replace or repair your faucet regardless of its make or brand.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are another common Toronto plumbing repair issue. In some cases people aren’t even aware that they have a leaking pipe, or in other circumstances they may be well aware of a leaking pipe but suspect that is mostly harmless. Anytime a property has a leaking pipe, even if it’s in a place that’s not causing much of a problem, it could be a sign that other pipes in the property are leaking as well and that the issue should be investigated further.

Pipes can leak for all sorts of reasons but breakage, deterioration, and failure of joints are the most common issue. Pipes that are very old and under constant use will eventually face this problem. Depending on the circumstances, a leaking pipe can cause extremely severe water damage. If water is leaking behind a wall for instance or in a bulkhead, this can even lead to serious structural issues. Additionally, a leaking pipe can end up costing a lot of money by adding to your water bill.

Hot Water Heater Repair

While tankless hot water heaters are in high-demand and fairly reliable, one common issue we run into when providing plumbing repairs in the Greater Toronto Area. When hot water heaters are malfunctioning the resulting issues can be felt throughout the home; dishwashers aren’t doing their job properly, showering becomes a torturous event, laundry doesn’t come out as clean, etc. Hot water is an essential part of the average Toronto home. We commonly face hot water heaters that have no hot water, and suffer from leaks.

Trust Experts for Your Toronto Plumbing Repairs

When facing problems with your plumbing it’s always important to hire licensed, insured, professional plumbers to handle the task. You could probably get away with a quick from your local handyman, or even a DIY repair, but you will not have the guarantee of a long-lasting plumbing repair and may even run the risk of making the problem worse or larger. Hiring a professional that has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time is always going to be a better investment in the long-run.


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