Plumbing contractors are usually very busy people, particularly plumbing contractors working in the Toronto area. With our unique climate and location, water problems can happen in an instant. That’s why you need to have a quality and professionally trained plumber in your possession, so you can call them and get any problem sorted out quickly and effectively. Here’s just three common calls our plumbers get, and how you can avoid making these calls.

1. Burst Pipes

a burst pipe in the basement of a mississauga propertyEspecially with our unique weather, constantly hovering around the freezing mark, our Toronto homes are constantly dealing with pipes that freeze, thaw, and freeze again. All this buildup of ice causes a lot of strain on our pipes, which can lead to bursts, leaks, and other awful moments that can cause an extreme amount of water damage. A Toronto plumbing company often gets called in to fix or replace the pipes. There are two ways you can avoid making this call or curb your costs: get a plumbing inspection every couple of years to make sure your plumbing is working correctly, and to know how to turn your water off if it happens. Turning off the water minimizes the damage, calling for an inspection can stop the problem before it happens.

2. Botched Renovation Jobs

Want to know a little secret? The busiest day for any plumber is Monday. You may think it’s because it’s the beginning of the week, but the real reason is a little more hilarious, and actually a lot more dangerous. It turns out we get most of our calls on Mondays from upset homemakers that have watched their partners struggle with what was supposed to be a simple plumbing fix or addition that simply didn’t work out the way it was supposed to. So, when the partner leaves for work on Monday, plumbers get the call to come in and fix what was wrong, namely to put back whatever was wrong and do the job that was originally only supposed to take a few hours. While we should all know some basic plumbing, much of the installation work can get pretty complicated. So plumbers respond to the calls. If these calls were made on a Friday, or other time of the week, the homeowner could have actually saved some money, and the job would be done right the first time.

3. Water Heater Issues

water heater repairs in torontoWe all like our hot water, especially in the cold winter weather, but hot water heaters can break down or stop working for any number of reasons. Since most are gas-powered, plumbers are called to handle the dangerous job of water heater inspection and repair. When you can’t get hot water, call a plumber. They can fix the issue and have you in a hot shower in no time. But you can avoid the shock of a cold shower pretty easily: call a plumber for a regular inspection of your hot water heater if you notice any dip in quality. That way, you can get the problem fixed much more easily, and it will probably cost you a lot less money.

Your plumber can fix these problems and many more with a simple phone call. Make sure you have the number of a plumber you trust. That way, you can save money without having the added stress of not knowing when your plumbing will be back to normal.

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