Every homeowner has that situation a pipe has burst, the sink is kicking back water, or something unspeakable has happened with the toilet. When these situations occur, you need a professional, someone with the proper experience and know-how to get you back up and running. You need someone who offers emergency plumbing services.

While most people have some basic plumbing knowledge and may even be particularly skilled with a plunger, plumbers exist for more than just their willingness to be around sewage. These talented people can fix the problem, but the 24-hour plumber is also very expensive so it’s important to know what sorts of emergencies really require their expertise.

Emergency Plumbing Problems that Require a Plumber

First things first, any job needing a plumber should have a qualified and certified professional. Your emergency needs someone who not only knows pipes and plumbing, but the codes required and the professionalism to ensure the job is done right. Local plumbers with the right certification are your only choice for these emergencies, unless you like pipes bursting on a fairly regular basis.

For those of us living in colder climes, burst pipes from rapidly changing temperatures (particularly frozen pipes) are a constant threat and one that requires immediate and professional attention. Getting the right size, connection, and lasting product is difficult, especially on short notice, and a plumber can help with all of these little technical issues more quickly.

Unless you are very experienced yourself, plumbers are absolutely necessary for anything that requires parts replacement and working on the actual pipes. Cracked pipes, broken seals, and similar issues need someone who can offer you advice on how to fix the problem, prevent it from happening, and keep the job within the most recent code requirements. While other problems can be fixed yourself, anything requiring specific parts and replacement will need someone who can navigate the codebook and your plumbing system.

Plumbing Problems That Can Wait or be Fixed Yourself

More than anything, avoiding the situation entirely is better than getting a plumber anyways. Proper house maintenance will solve problems before they happen and plumbing is no different. Regularly check your pipes and appliances for cracks or breaks. Washing machines are especially easy to look over and should be done whenever you remember.

You should also familiarize yourself with how to turn off your water should a situation ever occur, this will reduce the damage and stop problems from spreading through the entire system. Especially in basements, keeping things off the floor can also help minimize the damage should a situation occur. Most plumbing jobs are to clear drains and drains are easy to keep unclogged. Traps, screens, and occasional DIY treatments will keep your pipes healthier and happier, and your wallet in your pocket.

Equally important is knowing what is actually an emergency and which of those situations require a fully licensed plumber. For example, leaky pipes do not always need a 3 AM fix, you can always just put a bucket under the leak and wait to deal with it in the morning. Waiting until the next day when you don’t need to call a plumber and pay for emergency rates can be beneficial. Further, most plumbers come equipped with a plumbing snake and you can usually score a bargain deal having them take care of clogged drains while they’re there. Luckily, if a specific seal needs replacing, you will have a professional on-hand to take care of the problem.

Remember, most problems can be solved before they occur, so stay vigilant in your house maintenance. Plumbers are mostly required for replacement of pipes and ensuring your house is up to code and, for emergency fixes, make sure you have someone certified. Having a proper plumber for when emergency plumbing services are really needed will help prevent the situation happening again.

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