Even though we can do everything right with our plumbing systems, the so-called “impossible” breakdown can still happen. Many people don’t think that having a professional 24-hour plumber on speed dial is really worth the effort, content to think that plumbing emergencies won’t happen to them. But many other homeowners have that number ready just in case. Are they the crazy ones? Let’s break it down to see if having that plumber at the ready is really worth it.

Not having a plumber that’s available 24 hours a day on speed dial is really just a simple cost-benefit analysis. We can take the cost and balance it against how much it benefits and probably figure out whether or not it’s worth it.

Costs Of Have A 24-Hour Plumber On Speed Dial

Having a 24/7 plumber on speed dial will actually cost you zero money until you require their services. The only cost is really your own time. Sure, you can just randomly select someone from the phone book using the old “close my eyes and point at the page” trick, but that could give you a poor quality plumber at the exact moment you need someone exceptional. So your costs would probably include some research time. Take to the internet and look for reviews of local plumbers, and then call them to make sure they’re still offering 24-hour service. There you go, cost decided: you’re own time, and realistically not very much of it.

Benefits Of Being Prepared For Plumbing Emergencies

Having a quality plumber on speed dial can help you get any plumbing emergency under control much more quickly. It saves you from flipping through a phone book while water gushes out of your pipes, and knowing someone is available helps you stay calm during an emergency. If you’ve spent that time researching, you’ll also know a professional, quality plumber is coming to save the day. One who can fix the problem at hand and make sure it’s unlikely to happen again. So the benefits include less damage, less stress, and less chances of your plumbing emergency repeating itself.

If we’re going to peg the average plumbing emergency at an extremely modest $2,000 dollars (which, by the way, would basically be a pipe bursting directly into a bucket that keeps all the water from your possessions), and the time you took to research was 2 hours, getting a quality plumber cost you $1,000/hour. I don’t get paid that much and I doubt you do either. So I think it works out to find a 24/7 plumber before you wake up to a flooded basement.

So do you really need a 24-hour plumber on speed dial? The answer is no, but the consequences could be absolutely disastrous, for both your home, your property, your most prized possessions, and definitely your wallet.

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