Leaky basements are the latest of many problems facing homeowners this year. Whether it’s because of the harsh winter or the intense rainfall experienced all over, home’s are experiencing many different issues that cause water damage and ruin homes. Such problems could include a leaky basement, which leads to a wet basement, and can safely be fixed with basement waterproofing.

Why Fix Your Leaky Basement Today?

Like almost every other service or necessary maintenance in your home, basement waterproofing is best taken care of sooner rather than later. But the effects of a wet basement could already be felt in your home, and reflected in how much you pay in bills every month. Most noticeably, homeowners with leaky basements notice a sharp spike in their heat bills during the winter and air conditioning in the summer, which could all be attributed to their basement.

In the winter, damp basements freeze, cooling your entire home from the bottom up and costing you in heating bills because your furnace has to work extra hard every single month to compensate for the cold basement. In the summer, a damp basement gets muggy, and a muggy basement heats up the entire home. This puts a strain on your air conditioning units and makes the home slightly hotter, causing an increase in power bills in the summer. By waterproofing your basement, you could experience an almost instant reduction in heat and A/C bills that, if they continued at their current rates, will cost you thousands.

A Wet Basement Is A Moldy Basement

Another major way that a leaky basement costs money is mold. Mold is very, very dangerous to a home’s inhabitants and very, very expensive to remove once it’s infested a home. The favourite environment for mold is a dark, damp basement that provides all the necessary conditions for mold growth. And even worse, a basement with poor lighting and lots of little places rarely visited mean the mold can grow undetected for months, even years. But once it’s discovered, mold needs to be removed right away. Mold removal crews charge a lot of money, money that many homeowners could have saved if they had their basements properly waterproofed. Mold doesn’t grow in dry environments.

Finally, a nice basement is becoming an increasingly desirable commodity for homeowners as it can be rented out for extra revenue, used for storage, or as a space to get away from the busy upstairs. Leaky basements, however, offer none of these benefits. Instead, they are dead space in a home that its inhabitants, prospective or otherwise, will simply avoid. By getting your basement properly waterproofed, you can start using your basement for all sorts of reasons, taking full advantage of the extra space. And if that happens to be as a basement suite, think of the monthly rent you are losing each month due to no one wanting to live in a wet basement.

Repairs Save You Money

Whether you’re suffering from a damp, wet basement or leaky foundation, waterproofing the basement of your Toronto home can help you save money, starting almost immediately after getting it done. Basement waterproofing increases the utility of your home while protecting you, your family, and your possessions from harmful water damage and mold. And, if you find you pay too much in heat and A/C, effective waterproofing could help you save every month.

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