Many of us are either living in older homes or living on older water supply lines, meaning we may have to upgrade water supply lines at some point, maybe even in the near future. There are many indicators that you need water supply line upgrades, but here are just 2 indicators that you need to upgrade your water supply line. Surprisingly, they can be solved with the exact same solution: copper pipes.

The Problem: Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can happen for any number of reasons, from defective shower heads or taps to, you guessed it, water supply lines. Many older homes were built without the modern demands for water pressure in mind, so many homeowners notice lower water pressure after major renovation projects. Whatever the reason for your low water pressure, a plumbing specialist can offer you any number of solutions, one of which will be a new copper pipe plumbing system.

How Copper Pipes Help: New renovations can create new demands on your plumbing system, meaning your entire supply line will benefit from a new network of copper pipes. Water pressure actually works exactly opposite to the way most people think: water supply lines are very small with lots of pressure and keep splitting the water off into different pipes. This splitting actually lowers pressure to manageable levels for specific appliances, like a toilet or sink. With a new network of copper pipes, your system will be optimized for each of your appliances. And with copper pipes, which do not react with non-oxidizing agents, your pipes will stay clear of debris.

The Problem: Lead in Your Water

One of the biggest problems facing Toronto homes today are lead pipes. Proven time and again to be hazardous to everyone’s health, especially young children and pregnant mothers, lead pipes need to be replaced right away to eliminate lead in your drinking water, and subsequently in your body. While most lead pipes were replaced decades ago, lead was still used to solder pipes right into the 1990s, meaning fixtures like faucets and valves could still be leaking lead into your drinking water.

How Copper Pipes Help: Copper doesn’t contain lead, obviously, so replacing lead pipes and fixtures with copper means you won’t have to worry about lead poisoning. But equally important is how copper consistently keeps your water clean. Rust is one of the biggest causes of bacteria, viruses, and sediments in plumbing systems and, since copper doesn’t rust, you won’t have to worry about it in your pipes. Copper pipes not only eliminate harmful lead levels in your water, they also reduce the levels of other harmful agents in your plumbing system.

It’s amazing how much a water supply upgrade can instantly and noticeably change the quality of your home’s plumbing system. While low water pressure and lead levels are just 2 indicators that your need to upgrade water supply lines, there are many other problems that a trained professional can help you detect. Whatever the reason, make sure you check with a trained Toronto plumbing expert to discover the benefits of an upgrade to your water supply line.

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