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woman calling an emergency plumber Toronto residents trustAn Emergency Plumber Toronto Residents Depend On

If you have a plumbing emergency we are here for you when you need help. At Absolute Draining & Plumbing we are ready to spring into action whenever you have an emergency in the greater Toronto area. Call us immediately and our customer care team will get a plumber to your home to assess the damage and solve the problem. We know that problems don’t just happen during normal business hours. That’s why our plumbers are always on call when emergencies strike. Whether it’s storm damage or another type of emergency we can provide the services you need at a fair price. Our work is guaranteed and we will work hard to make sure that your plumbing problems are solved as quickly as possible.

Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets are a major problem for homeowners. When toilets clog and overflow there can be significant water damage from overflow or burst pipes. If you have a clogged toilet don’t wait to get it fixed by a professional plumber. Waiting or trying DIY remedies could cause even bigger problems and damage the plumbing throughout your home. The best way to handle a clogged toilet is to let a professional plumber deal with it. Our highly skilled team of plumbers can deal with any toilet clog and save your home from further damage. Call our customer care team immediately when you have a clogged toilet so that we can come out and fix the problem. Our plumbers are available every day of the year around the clock to solve your plumbing problems whenever they happen.

Leaking And Frozen Pipes

During the winter or during the rainy season leaking and frozen pipes can become a major hassle for homeowners. Frozen pipes that burst can cause massive water damage inside your home as well as causing plumbing problems that can be complicated to fix. If you know that the temperatures are dropping try to insulate your pipes as much as possible. But if one freezes or bursts call our customer service representatives immediately. Taking care of the leaking or frozen pipes quickly is essential to keeping your plumbing in good working order. We have the tools to deal with frozen pipes quickly and check the rest of the plumbing in your home to make sure there is no other damage.

Leaking pipes can become a major headache for homeowners pretty quickly. Leaking pipes can cause water damage and can even help the growth of mold inside your home. To take care of leaking pipes before they can cause extensive damage or even a burst pipe call us right away. We can get a plumber out to  you in the greater Toronto area anytime you need one.

Basement Floods

flooded basement during plumbing emergency service callBasement floods can be caused by many things. Bad weather, frozen pipes, burst pipes, or sewer line clogs can all cause flooding. But no matter the cause is you have to address the situation fast. Basement flooding can do more than just damage your possessions, they have the potential to leak dirty contaminated water into your home. That can cause mold to grow at a very rapid rate and that is dangerous for you and your family. Our plumbers will work to diagnose and solve the cause of the flood, get rid of the water in the basement, and waterproof the basement so that you don’t have to worry about it flooding again.

If you know that your basement is at risk for flooding during the rainy season or during the winter call us. We can install a backflow valve to help prevent sewer backups and floods. We can perform leak detection to see if there any potential leaks into your basement. And we can provide basement waterproofing to make sure that no matter what the weather does your basement will remain dry. Call us today to get your basement fixed up before there are any serious problems.

Routine maintenance can prevent basement floods. But if you’re already affected by a basement flood you need professional help to deal with it right away. We are here to help you whenever you have an emergency basement flood and need plumbing help immediately. When you call our customer service team they will connect you with a plumber right away. No matter where you are in the greater Toronto area we have you covered. A plumber or a plumbing team will be there as soon as possible. They will take stock of the damage and work hard to find the source of the flood. After the immediate problem is taken care of they can recommend actions to help mitigate the damage and prevent future floods.

We care about our customers and their families and take pride in being on call to help.