When it comes to keeping your basement and foundation dry during heavy weather, a sump pump is a must-have flood prevention device. When the heavy rain starts to fall, as it certainly did this past summer, the water table rises and quickly enters into the weeping tile system. Without the help of a sump pump to discharge this water it would quickly find itself being forced through the cracks and crevices in your homes foundation. This would be a terrible situation indeed, but it does happen to people who either have failing sump pumps, or even no sump pump. Flooding is almost a surety in these situations. Luckily, should you require Toronto sump pump installation services we can help you out.

Ok, so sump pumps help to keep my foundation and basement dry, what’s that go to do with battery backup power?

In true catch-22 fashion, those times that a sump pump is most needed also happen to be the times when the power is most likely to fail. This is common in the Greater Toronto Area – power outages during intense thunderstorms and sudden onset of heavy rainfalls. During these conditions a failed sump pump is utterly useless. So to correct this problem we can install a battery backup power source for the pump that will provide power to the sump pump in the event that the power mains fail. This can be the difference between tens of thousands of dollars in property damage, and a dry clean basement you can enjoy even while your power is out.

How does the backup pump battery work?

Most sump pump backup batteries operate in similar fashion, they are hooked up to your main power source and slowly charge during the hours that the power is on. Keeping the battery charged this way prolongs the lifespan of the battery and also makes sure that when the time arises for the backup power to turn on it has, ready at it’s disposal, maximum battery life. This will make sure that your sump pump keeps on running until either the storm has subsided or the power comes back on.

Interested in ensuring your sump pumps operation during power outages? We are your licensed plumbers in Toronto and we can assist you in claiming rebates should you qualify – simply give us a call and we’ll talk about a solution for your needs, 416-252-5557.

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