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The internet is a wonderful place, isn’t it? We can discover so many great things with just a few clicks. DIY projects are easier, new recipes for fun foods, and pretty much the entirety of human knowledge is all there, just sitting at our computers. So why does it seem like the internet has made it harder for us to find a plumber when we really need one? Why can’t you get someone qualified and professional to come to your home to fix an emergency plumbing job? Well, it’s because the internet perhaps makes things too easy, not for the people who need a plumber, but for the people who pretend to be plumbers to make some easy money.

Finding a qualified emergency plumber on the internet is very difficult for one reason: people fake credentials. Go onto any job posting site and you will find tons of people claiming they can do your plumbing work for a fraction of the cost of a real plumber. They claim they can come in, do the work, and do it properly in no time and you can save money. But in reality, you’re getting amateurs, handymen at best, to basically come in and do a poor job of plumbing. So how do you find one that’s not only qualified but actually licensed to fix your plumbing? Well, that’s where you need to be discerning.

The easiest way to improve your chances of finding a competent plumber is to avoid the internet entirely. That’s right, go offline and pick up that phone book that shows up on your doorstep every year that you think you have no use for. In that phone book, you can find qualified plumbers. Why? Because qualified, licensed plumbers have established businesses and operations. They’re more than a guy with a tool box and a cell phone, they’re a legitimate business and legitimate businesses still have landlines.

But if you accidentally threw out your phone book because, well, we can Google something faster than flip through that giant book, you can still use the internet. Search for your area and plumber, get a phone number and write it down. But before you call them, Google the company or person’s name again and search for reviews. People talk about their plumbers all the time, so you can probably find someone who can give you an idea of what to expect. If the reviews are good, go ahead and give the company a call.

Finally, if you do end up hiring a plumber through the internet, tell them to bring their credentials with them and refuse to let them get started until they prove to you that they are real, qualified plumbers. Never just take their word for it, demand proof. Otherwise, you could run into all kinds of problems down the road, whether it’s uninsured workers or plumbing jobs that don’t pass a code inspection.

We live in a world that’s increasingly connected but difficult to actually communicate. Now you can find an emergency plumber easily, one that’s qualified and ready to help you with your plumbing needs.

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