What happens when you crack open a bottle of tap water versus simply turning on the tap? Over the past decade or so, the fight between tap water and bottled water has been constant and inconsistent. On the one side, people insist that bottled water is more drinkable, and perhaps free of certain pollutants that are reportedly in tap water. On the other side, we have governments and people lobbying for the banning of bottled water. So why go bottle or tap? Here are just a few facts about both that can help you choose which one is right for you. 

Fact #1: Tap Water is Better for the Environment

Despite bottled water is put into recyclable containers, the fact remains that bottles of water show up in landfills and many other places all the time, and they simply take up space. Most water bottles are simply plastic, which is notoriously non-biodegradable, and it will sit in a landfill until the end of time, or when there’s simply too much that we end up living on top if it. Even if you throw every single one of your bottles into the recycle, however, Toronto and the surrounding area simply doesn’t have the resources to filter out every bottle, and sometimes they end up in the trash anyways. 

Fact #2: Toronto Tap Water is Fine

Toronto’s tap water is some of the most closely watched and regulated tap water supplies in the entire country, if not the continent. The water is continually tested for minerals, bacteria and more every four to six hours, depending on the time of day, to ensure the entire city’s supply is clean and safe for consumption. So when people claim that bottled water is better for you, this simply isn’t the case. In fact, many bottled water companies have lower standards than Toronto for the water in bottles, which means the inverse could be true. 

Fact #3: Your Plumbing Could Be Dangerous

While Toronto tap water is perfectly safe to drink, that doesn’t mean it’s safe in your home. In fact, the water coming out of your taps could be dangerous because of your plumbing system. Many Toronto homes are actually suffering from lead contamination as a result of older plumbing systems that use lead pipes or lead pipe fixtures. These lead components end up leaking lead into the water, which can cause problems for children, pregnant women, and adolescents. So if you live in an older home, you should have your tap water checked immediately. If you have lead problems, it might be best to switch to bottled water until you can hire someone to replace your lead pipes .

Toronto tap water is a lot more safe than people think, making the bottled water industry one of convenience in the city, not necessity. If you rely on bottled water, it may be time to simply start using tap water in your home. But this is only after you’ve had your own water tested for lead. Have your system professional inspected for lead and other issues may have. It could lead to higher quality, and safer, tap water.

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