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We are the only plumbing service you will ever need in the Junction area. We always strive to perform our duties in the most effective manner possible, while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. The fact is we’ve been in the business for nearly 15 years (est. 1998) and are trained, licensed plumbing technicians that have the knowledge and experience to tackle your plumbing problems fast and effectively. For all plumbing emergencies contact us immediately 24/7.

Our services range from common inspections (such as CCTV drain inspections) to replacing busted water main lines or sewage lines, and everything in-between. Getting your plumbing fixed should be a top priority for any property owner, not only can faulty plumbing cause a lot of damage, it can be expensive, too. Thousands of tonnes of water can be lost in a year from a single leak.

Complete Inspection and Preventive Maintenance

If you have been without a plumber for some time, you should call us to set up a scheduled complete plumbing inspection. In addition, setting up a yearly maintenance schedule is considered to be good practice for any property owner or manager. We conduct drain inspections, leak detections, CCTV inspections, and water intrusion inspections.

Full Basement Waterproofing Protection

For those suffering from flooded basements, we can perform a complete basement waterproofing, to keep your basement and foundation safe from water damage. Don’t wait until you become a victim of the next storm. Get your basement waterproofed as soon as possible if you feel that there is any chance of water intrusion.

Drain Services in the Junction

We offer drain cleaning services, as well as drain repair and replacement. Our drain cleaning is conducted with a mix of hydro-jetting and other tactics. Hydro-jets are special systems that use pressurized water to clean out drains. For drain repair and replacement, we do offer no-dig, or trenchless, technology. Examples of no-dig tech are pipe-bursting and cured-in place pipe liners.

We also perform foundation repairs as well, for anyone who has had their foundation compromised by flooding or leaks.

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Plumbing problems can be serious matters – we strive to rectify them fast and efficiently. We can help, call us today 416-252-5557.