manhole during installation

A plumber conducts an inspection during manhole installation

Many cities in Ontario and across North America are changing their laws regarding manholes, including what kinds of buildings need them, how many are required for certain buildings, and where they need to be located. In Toronto, many businesses and owners of residential buildings have less than two years to comply with these new regulations, or they’ll be faced with steep fines.

Unfortunately, the quick deadlines are creating problems for manhole installations themselves, with many business owners opting to get quick, non-professional handymen to install the manholes. This is causing a number of issues already. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to use a professional Toronto manhole installation contractor for any and all of your manhole installation needs.

Work That’s Up to Code

The major problem with using a non-certified worker for manhole installation is their unfamiliarity with the new regulations, existing codes, and mandatory standards that come with manhole installation. Since the rules have changed so dramatically, many of these workers haven’t figured out what the new rules entail and, as a result, are installing manholes that simply aren’t up to code. This can include issues about size, access points, and even the materials used. And since every manhole will eventually be inspected by city officials, having something that isn’t up to code will land you in a lot of trouble.

Avoid Large Fines

The end result of having a manhole that isn’t up to code is large fines and problems with the city. Manholes are strictly regulated, more so than many other aspects of the plumbing code precisely because they access public water supplies. And since these codes must be completely met, city officials aren’t shy in sending out massive fines and other penalties that could affect your business. But if you use a professional manhole installation team that’s familiar with the new regulations, you can have a new manhole that’s up to code, and you’ll be able to avoid those costly fines.

Have the Job Done Properly, and on Time

completed manhole after installation

Manhole after installation has been completed

Manhole installation is an extremely involved process that requires expertise in a number of areas, not simply a familiarity with plumbing. That is why you need a team of experts who know what they’re doing. Without a team, you’ll end up with one person doing the job of many more people, and that means lost time and effort. If you need manhole installation services, be sure to contact a licensed plumber who can get the job done properly and on time.

Having the proper manhole is an important aspect of owning a building. Without them, you could face heavy fines and unexpected penalties that can lead to lost profits and other financial issues. If you need to stay compliant with new regulations in your area, be sure to call a professional Toronto manhole installation contractor. Only an experienced contractor has the knowledge and skills to get the job completed in the time in which it is required.

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