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Solving Midtown plumbing and drain problems since 1998. Our service is the #1 preferred plumbing service in the area. Call us when you need the best quality plumbers at an affordable price. Our plumbers are respectful, knowledgeable, and provide excellent customer service.

Midtown Plumbing Services

Along with the rest of the Greater Toronto Area, we provide our services to the Midtown area, delivering the best possible plumbing and draining services. Call us for CCTV camera inspections, drain cleanings, drain snaking (unclogging), foundation repairs, basement waterproofing, or any other plumbing job that you can think of. We handle large, complex tasks as well as the daily menial tasks associated with plumbing such as leaky faucets and clogged drains.

Basement Waterproofing

The City of Toronto provides a money-back subsidy to help homeowners pay for basement waterproofing. Our plumbers and customer service staff can help you to make the most of this funding by explaining what it covers, and keeping the necessary documentation. When the time comes, we can help you to file the paperwork and make sure that is all proper, ensuring that you receive approval without any problems.

There are a few types of jobs covered in this subsidy. Sump pump installation, pipe severance and capping, and weeping tile installation are just a few of the basement waterproofing tasks that the City will reimburse homeowners for. Pipe severance involves severing your main drain line from the City systems and using another method of draining waste. This ensures that if the City’s sewer infrastructure becomes overloaded, homeowners will not experience raw sewage backing up into their basement. With the City footing the bill for this work, there is no better time to waterproof your basement.

Drain Cleaning in Midtown

For drains that clog more frequently than once a year, there is likely a build-up or blockage that is causing the constant blockages. To combat nasty blocked up drains, we offer a hydro-jet drain cleaning service that employs pressurized water jets to eradicate blockages like scale or grease. This is particularly useful in bathroom drains such as a shower or toilet, and also in kitchen drains which regularly transport lots of greasy waste.

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