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Our expert Milton plumbers are standing by to solve your plumbing problems. Our commitment to great customer service and quality work never wavers. We have a staff of 14 highly trained professional plumbers who can fix whatever you need fixed. We’re available around the clock every day of the year so when you have a plumbing emergency we will be here for you. We also can provide the restorative services that you need to prevent major plumbing problems and home disasters. We specialize in working with older homes that need modern upgrades or need unique plumbing repairs. Call one of our friendly customer service team members today to discuss how we can help you fix up your home.

Milton Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is one of the most important aspects of home plumbing maintenance. Do you know how long it’s been since your home’s drains were professionally cleaned? If it’s been awhile then it’s time to call us and get an estimate to get your home’s drains cleaned out. The drains in your home are like the arteries in your body. If they get clogged things back up and that can cause major problems.

Most people think that if their drains aren’t totally clogged then there isn’t really a problem. But slow drains and drains that are showing signs of clogs can still cause major damage to your home. That’s because the clog could be a lot worse than you can see. Even partial clogs put strain on your pipes. That strain can wear your pipes down over time.

Blocked Drains Can Be Deceptive

Milton plumbing contractor performing service on a water heaterEven though you don’t notice anything other than some slow draining water there could be a lot more going on in your pipes. Weakened pipes can crack or leak. If that happens you can have major water damage in your home from water trickling out of those cracked or compromised pipes.

If there is a major clog and a pipe bursts you will notice that. But water that you don’t see can cause even more damage. It can even contribute to the growth of toxic mold that can spread throughout your house. If you are noticing signs of a clogged drain like slow draining water or small backups of water call us right away. Our professional technicians and plumbers will come out and assess your drains to see if there are any leaks. Then they can clean out all the drains thoroughly to make sure that you don’t have any partial clogs that could become problems later.

Milton Backwater Valve Installation

Sewer backup is a major problem, easily solved by a backwater valve. Drains aren’t the only problems that can cause leaks in your home. Have you noticed water in your basement? Is it damp or musty when you go down there? Do you notice that it’s wet after a rainstorm? The water in your basement could be more than just rain water. If you have an older home that water could be sewage water that is back flowing.

In older homes that don’t have a backwater valve sewage backup can be a problem, especially during the rainy season. If not fixed you could be facing a flood of dirty sewer water in your basement. The best way to prevent this is to get a backwater valve installed immediately.

A backwater valve is a one way valve that makes it impossible for sewer water to flow back into the pipes to your house. Newer home are equipped with backwater valves as a matter of course. But older homes usually don’t have them. If you live in an older home and you notice that your basement is wet or smells damp and musty call us to get an estimate for installing a backwater valve, it will prevent a flood before it happens and keep your basement dry.

Watch Out For Heavy Rainfall

If there is a major storm you could find yourself facing a basement full of unsanitary water soaking all your possessions and putting your home at risk for mold. Mold can start growing in just a couple of days when the conditions are right. Installing a backwater valve will eliminate the risk of a flood in your basement of sewer water.

During the installation of the valve our professional plumbers will also be looking out for other potential plumbing problems. They can inspect the foundation of your home and your current plumbing setup to be sure that there are no potential problems there. And if they find a problem they can work with you to fix that problem before it damages your home.

Contact Your Local Milton Plumbing Professional

Now that you know how important it is to have clean drains and how important it is to have a backwater valve on your home give our customer care staff a call to schedule an estimate. Routine care is the best way to take care of your home. But if you do have some kind of plumbing emergency or need a professional plumber in a hurry call us. We can have a professional team out to your home shortly after you call to fix the problem.

We can handle any job from routine drain inspection and backwater valve installation to replacing your entire plumbing system.

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