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North York Drain Cleaning

Regular drain cleaning will help protect your plumbing and make your pipes last longer. Clogs aren’t the only things that can damage your pipes. Over the years grease, soap residue, detergent, fabric softener, and other cleaners and chemicals that end up in your drains can damage your pipes and make them wear out faster. Routine drain cleaning is more than just removing clogs. It also means that a professional plumber with high tech equipment will check the pipes in your home to make sure that they are not damaged, leaking, or getting ready to burst. Clogs are a problem too, and getting the drains in your home cleaned regularly will keep clogs from causing a burst pipe. But drain cleaning will also give you a checkup on your plumbing done by a professional plumber that you can trust.

If you have already started noticing the signs of a clog such as water flowing back out of a drain or puddles of water on the floor call today so that a professional plumber can come out and assess the situation. If you call us immediately our plumbers may be able to clear the clog and prevent a more serious problem. Don’t wait until the drain is totally clogged to call. It will be easier to prevent a big problem than to clean up after one. But if you do have an emergency our highly trained plumbers can take care of the problem.

North York Basement Waterproofing

a home in north york having receiving basement waterproofingAre you thinking about renovating your basement? Maybe you want to create an extra guest suite in the basement with a new bathroom. Or maybe you just want to upgrade the laundry room and fix it up so that doing laundry isn’t such a chore. If you have seen water in the basement or if the walls in the basement are wet after it rains call to get a quote for basement waterproofing. Basement waterproofing will make it safe for you to spend time in the basement and it will keep the basement dry enough to turn it into useable space. If you are upgrading the laundry or adding a bathroom in the basement we can also provide a water service upgrade to meet the increased demand for water. Adding new modern high efficiency appliances like washers, soaking bathtubs and high end showers means that you need to upgrade your current plumbing. We can help you get the plumbing you need to make your home the way you want it.

North York Sump Pump Service

Sump pump servicing is something that most people do not think about until it is too late. Problems with your sump pump can be serious. You end up with a flood of sewage in your yard or worse, in your basement. Cleaning up a sewage flood is dirty and hazardous. You could even end up fighting off toxic mold in the basement if the flood isn’t clean up fast or cleaned up properly.

The best way to prevent sump pump problems is to get it regularly serviced. Twice a year you should have your sump pump checked to make sure there is no damage and it’s working the way that it should. Before the rainy season is a great time to get it checked out. Heavy rain and bad weather can cause sewers to overflow and sump pumps to break. So call and make an appointment today to have your sump pump checked before the bad weather comes again. Preventing a flood is always going to be easier and less expensive than cleaning up after one. Make it a habit to get your sump pump checked at least twice a year to prevent a flood in the future.

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