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Old Mill Plumbers

old mill plumbers

We have been an on-going presence, acting as Old Mill plumbers since 1998. We are very familiar with the area, from the streets to the pipes that run below it.

Professional Plumbers in Old Mill

Do you have a plumbing emergency in Old Mill? Whether it’s a flooded basement, sewage back-flow, or a burst pipe, we are here to help you. Our plumbers operate with the highest level of integrity, and are chosen based on their work ethic and knowledge of their trade. Our rigorous training ensures that they are respectful and provide excellent service to all of our customers.

When you call us, we strive to make your experience one of the best you will ever have when dealing with a plumbing service. Our customer service staff is friendly and courteous, and ready to help you out today.

Foundation Repairs in Old Mill

In addition to a variety of plumbing and drain services, we provide foundation repairs to the entire area. If you are the victim of structural damage, call us immediately. Not only can we deal with water intrusion issues that can rot out your foundations, we have a number of proven methods at our disposal to strengthen and repair your foundation.

Basement Waterproofing in Old Mill

For exterior or interior basement waterproofing, we are the best choice in the area. We offer a large variety of methods to protect your basement and foundation from water intrusion. From sump pumps and French drains to waterproof coatings and back-up power supplies, we are your Old Mill basement waterproofing experts.

All-hours Emergency Services

Give us a ring if you run into any sort of plumbing problem that just can’t wait until morning. Situations like a failed water heater, or a burst pipe should not be left to fester. These will only end up costing you more in the long run. Our emergency service operates 24/7, so you are covered at all times.

We can handle it all – large or small!

We are staffed by some of the finest plumbers in the Greater Toronto Area. If we weren’t so good at what we do, we wouldn’t still be around. As it is, we already serve many residents in the area, as well as business owners, and even some city facilities. We are, of course, licensed with the city of Toronto, as are all of our plumbing technicians. We are also fully insured, to limit all liability should the unspeakable occur.

For your plumbing and drain needs contact us today 416-252-5557.