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Potentially one of the most anxiety provoking issues home owners and property owners face is an unexpected and severe problem with their plumbing. Whenever plumbing emergencies strike it is imperative that they are dealt with promptly. This means that all GTA property and home owners should have on standby an emergency plumber in Toronto, this is very important because plumbing emergencies often occur suddenly and quickly become very costly if they are not dealt with immediately. Today we’ll take a look at some of the most common plumbing emergencies that people face in the City of Toronto and how they can be prevented.

A Clogged Drain Can Lead To An Emergency

Most people think of a clogged drain as not a very significant problem; they think that when their drain is clogged they can just run out to the hardware store, pick up some kind of chemical solution and be done with it. Well you may be surprise to know that a clogged drain can easily become a very serious problem when the drain that’s experiencing the clog is your main drain, eaves trough, sump pump or other major system. If you end up with the wrong drain clogged it will easily turn into a flood situation which can have expensive and traumatic consequences.

In order to prevent drain clogs from becoming emergencies it is very important to take notice of any signs that the drain may be experiencing a problem, for instance if you see water taking a long time to drain away this is a clear indicator that the drain may be at risk of becoming completely clogged. It is always a good idea to call in a professional to take a good look at the problem.

Frozen Pipes Leading To Plumbing Disasters

If you have a frozen pipe you are just one step away from having a burst pipe, if you do not already! It is very important to thaw all frozen pipes as soon as you discover them to reduce the chance that they burst and to keep your plumbing safe from other associated damage. Not sure if your pipes are frozen? If it’s a terribly cold day outside and your water stops running you may be a victim of frozen pipes.

One common reason that pipes will freeze is due to the failure of a hot water heater. Another cause of freezing pipes is due to improperly heated crawl spaces where pipes may be present. Prevention is the best choice when dealing with frozen pipes, your local plumber can provide a variety of solutions to protect your pipes.

Clogged Toilets

Toilet problems are one of the most common plumbing emergencies in the City of Toronto, most likely in the world! With such a regularly used plumbing fixture it is no surprise that these issues occur. Most of the time the clog can be fixed with a simple plunger, but there are those occasions that even a plunger will not unclog the toilet. This can be troublesome putting a severe hindrance on your toilet usage!

When you face a clogged toilet and your plunger will simply not solve the problem the best thing you can do is to call up your local plumbing contractor and explain the issue to them. Perhaps you dropped something into the toilet and it has become clogged, if this is the case they can easily remedy the problem for you! In most cases you can have your toilet back up and running in less than 24 hours.

Fixing a plumbing emergency does not have to be a stressful anxiety provoking situation, call up your local licensed plumbers and they will be more than able to help you solve your problem fast.

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