Our plumbing systems are usually working perfectly. They take water away and bring it in with amazing efficiency. Having hot water in a matter of seconds anywhere in your home is nothing short of a miracle when you think about it, but things can happen that ruin our faith in our plumbing. When emergencies happen, you need the number of a qualified plumbing contractor who can deal with the situation quickly and professionally. Here are 4 instances when you’ll need to call a 24-hour emergency plumber to fix.

1. Burst Pipes

Burst pipes account for some of the most common plumbing emergencies in the world and cause millions in water damage annually. As such, plumbers are well versed in dealing with burst pipes quickly and efficiently, but you should also be ready for this emergency if it happens. Always know how to turn off your main water valve so, in the event of a burst pipe, you can minimize the damage and get a plumber in right away to fix the problem.

2. Frozen Pipes

Unfortunately, too many Toronto homeowners are well aware of their home’s heating issues. Last winter was particularly harsh, with days of sub-zero temperatures that truly put our home’s plumbing systems to the test. Frozen pipes are not only inconvenient, they’re the first step to bursting and causing thousands of dollars of water damage. While we can unthaw our pipes, this doesn’t really address the problem. All frozen pipes should be inspected by a professional plumber who can look at why the pipe froze in the first place to prevent it happening again.

3. Leaky Fixtures

While the movies show plumbers fixing leaks with the choice turn of a wrench, very rarely are leaky pipes so easily secured. Leaky pipes can be indicative of larger problems, like a series of old and worn out pipes, or simply smaller ones, like broken seals. In every instance, leaky pipes can cause problems like water damage and encourage mold growth, so they need to be inspected right away to stop water leakage and prevent further problems.

4. Gas Leaks

We often think of plumbers as handling pipes with water in them, but many plumbers are also skilled in handling gas pipes as well. After all, it’s all plumbing. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous, not just because of the fire risk, but because of the dangerous vapours that kill thousands of people every year. Any and all gas odours need to be fully inspected and corrected immediately, so if you smell gas, get on the phone with a plumber and leave your home immediately.

While many plumbing emergencies can be handled ourselves, like clogged toilets, there are some best left to the professionals. These are just 4 of those situations. Many of them can happen unexpectedly, but you should have a regular plumbing system inspection to stay on top of keeping your plumbing system working at its best.

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