Welcome to part 2 of the plumbing myths series if you missed the first part you can read it here. We’re tackling plumbing myths large and small in the hopes that people will gain an understanding of what actually is, and is not, beneficial to your Toronto plumbing system (or any plumbing system for that matter).  So without further hesitation, let’s dig into plumbing myths explained – part 2.

“Drain cleaners you find in the hardware store can’t damage your drain.”

I bet you never considered this one. Of course if they’re selling a product in a hardware store how can it possibly damage your drain? That’s not correct, is it? If those thoughts are running through your mind you wouldn’t be the only one. The truth is that these products, by their very nature, are made using acidic and corrosive chemicals that will eat away at the interior of your pipe. Eventually, and with continued use, your pipes can become seriously compromised – even to the point that a simple drain snake will damage or even crack the pipe. This can obviously become an expensive problem to repair. The best way to keep your drain in good shape is to practice regular maintenance and implement appropriate preventative measure – remember, the toilet is the only plumbing fixture design to handle solid waste!

“If a plumber can do it, anyone can do it”

Most people will think that anyone can do-it-yourself, especially with the all the DIY promotions you see these days from the likes of Home Depot, Home Hardware, and Lowes. These marketing messages are trying to spur on home owners and anyone who is interested in a home improvement job to do it themselves. The truth is that some tasks are fully suited to doing it yourself, after all a failed paint job will only end up in a terrible looking room and a painted carpet. However, painting and plumbing are two very different things. When it comes to plumbing, there is a lot at stake; your plumbing system can be very complex to those who do not have full training and experience of a professional plumber. Improperly conducted plumbing installations or repairs can result in very, very costly water damage. When it comes to a failed DIY plumbing job, in the best of cases the whole job will need to be re-done, in the worst cases you’ll need to get your demolition gloves on and redo the entire job.

“It’s only one hair, just wash it down the drain, it can’t cause any harm”

This sound probable – it could be true right, it’s just one hair, it goes down the drain and the water carries it on its merry way, down into the mysterious place where everything else goes that washes down the drain. I feel like a broken record here but the truth is that anything washing down the drain that isn’t a liquid can spell bad news for your drainage system. Most serious clogs and blockages are cause over time, build up takes a while and by the time you actually notice the problem it’s become substantial. Most of the time the only way to effectively clear these problems is to call up your local plumber. So do your best to make sure you pick up all debris before it goes down your drain!

That sums up part 2 of our plumbing myth series. Stay tuned to part 3 coming to a blog near you! And remember, for all of your plumbing needs you can always rely on your local, licensed plumbing contractor to take care of your needs.

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