Hot water heaters are a necessary part of our everyday lives, whether you rent of buy them. They turn showers into moments of warm comfort, help us get dinner on the table faster, and just generally improve our lives. But many people don’t think about their hot water heater until it’s completely broken. But there are ways to check on your tank without waiting until the last possible second. Here are just three ways to know if it’s time for a new hot water heater.

The Water Temperature

This may seem like a no brainer, but many people don’t actually think about their water’s heat and the water heater together. This may be a result of very slow degradation in water heat, just a couple of degrees here and there, so you simply get used to the water. It may also be a result of coming from a low water heat in your last place of residence. Whatever the reason, the maximum temperature of your water is a surefire way to know if the hot water heater is doing its job. And the best way to know is to turn on the hot water tap. The hot water should come quickly, and it should be too hot to run your hand under in relatively little time. If you feel you could stand in it, or it takes a long time to actually get hot, a new water heater may be in order.

Leaks and Puddles

Hot water tanks are, well, tanks filled with water, and that means you’ll need to check for leaks occasionally. Old or broken hot water tanks will leak. It may be just a little bit of water or it may be a lot, but any leak is one that needs to get fixed or replaced immediately. Not only does leaking cost you on your monthly water bill, it can ruin your basement and, in some scenarios, leak hot water all over your basement, reducing how much hot water gets to where it’s supposed to go. Check all the connections and the area around your hot water heater on a regular basis to see if there’s any water. If there is, get a professional in for an inspection. You may need to simply change the connections, but a new hot water tank may also be in order.


If there’s one thing true of our world, it’s that we’re using more and more water. Homes that once had one bathroom for the entire family now have one or two more. People are using luxurious spa baths, and many older homes are getting divided into multiple occupancy rental units, driving up water use. One of the surefire things to get lost in the shuffle of bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and daily routines is the how water tank. Many people need an upgrade just to have the hot water they need for the entire family. If you’re finding that your showers are cut shot by sudden bursts of cold weather, then it’s probably time to get a high capacity hot water tank.

With these tips, you can have all the hot water you need and a tank that works for you and your family. But remember, getting a new hot water heater is a job for professionals. Always use certified plumbers for repairing or installing any new water heater.

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