Wet basement problems face almost every homeowner at some point in their lives. As out houses age, certain things can wear out and start to degrade, which can lead to many different problems. But chief among these is leaky basements, which can cause all sorts of problems for your home, from mold issues to the destruction of property. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can solve your wet basement problems, here are just a few solutions that are guaranteed to help.

Seal the Windows

Basement windows a re an absolute necessity in most homes, not just for legal and safety reasons, but because they can help air out dusty basements. But our windows are often the first culprit for leaky basements for a number of reasons. The most obvious is faulty closures, which ca lead to windows popping open just as the weather gets perfectly terrible. Another problem is the seals themselves, which can lead to problems with seepage when any amount of moisture comes in. So if your basement is leaky or generally moist, it’s best to start with the windows and work your way from there.

Do Some Landscaping

Many houses sit on plots that have moved and shifted as the years roll on, and with that shifting comes some runoff problems. Water, instead of being shed away from your home, can often pool right next to it, and that can cause a number of problems, including water going directly into your home. Some professional and larger scale landscaping can help move that water from your home to the street, where it belongs, and help keep it from pooling and draining directly into your basement.

Fix the Foundation

Houses settle, it’s a fact of life, and settling can have a damaging impact on your home’s foundation. Problems can occur, like cracking and undue pressure on certain points, but one of the most noticeable signs of a foundation in need of repair is a leaky basement. And while foundation repair can be very expensive, ignoring it is one of the most financially costly mistakes you can make. With a freshly fixed foundation, you can expect your home to stay dry, and that will help keep your home’s value way, way up.

There are a number of wet basement problems you will likely face in your own home at some point and also quite a number of waterproofing solutions. It could be mold or leaky windows or even damaged property, but all of these are preventable and fixable. Before your home gets leaky, it’s best to have a professional basement waterproofing expert come and inspect your home on a regular basis. Only an expert can properly assess where your home may start to fail, and get to fixing the wet basement problems before they become an issue. But if the leaks start to happen, it’s best to focus on the three areas mentioned here, which are the leading causes of leaky basements around the world.

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