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plumbing inspection occurring beneath kitchen sink

Most people realize the importance of getting a Toronto plumbing inspection before they buy a home. The condition of the plumbing system can seriously impact the value of the property, and nobody wants to buy a home that is going to require costly repairs.

In the situation of a homebuyer in Toronto, the need is obvious, but for some reason, people fail to grasp the importance of regular plumbing inspections for the home they currently live in. Inspections are an important part of maintaining the plumbing system. Many of the most common problems with a home’s plumbing system will start out small and be almost unnoticeable. As time goes by, the problem gets worse, and eventually it is a major problem. Read more

dishwasher in a big box retailer showing an energy star logo

Economy settings have become a very popular features of today’s appliances. In a world that’s increasingly aware of energy and resource consumption, especially as it relates to our growing utility bills, these settings are put in place to help us save. While many of the appliances that have economy settings are providing a greener, less expensive way to use them, not all are actually saving you water, electricity, or money. To find an appliance with the best economy settings, you need to do a few things first. Here’s how to find and use an appliance with economy settings to their absolute maximum benefit.  Read more

When people think of plumbing services, they often think of the basics. They think of leaky pipes, of bathroom renovations, and of sinks. In fact, most people think that plumbers deal only with pipes that move water and sewage, not gas or other dangerous materials, and as a result are unsure of what a plumber can do for them. Plumbers are useful skilled tradesmen who can do much more than stop a leaky pipe, they can also install certain appliances. Read more

woman standing next to newly installed dishwasher with son

Anyone who has installed a dishwasher before can tell you one thing: it’s a lot harder than it seems. If it was simply a matter of attaching a couple of hoses, then no one would need a plumber for dishwasher installation. But, as it turns out, installing a dishwasher is tricky business and best left to the professionals, even your home insurance provider agrees. Read more

benefits of energy star appliances for your Toronto home

ENERGY STAR, you’ve seen it all over the place and probably don’t even realize it these days. What exactly does it mean? Is it more than just a marketing gimmick? Should you even care if your appliance has this sticker on it? The answer to these questions lay below, so should you be amongst those who are virtually clueless as to what ENERGY STAR means, read on. Read more

All across Greater Toronto there are dishwashers being installed each and every day, and there are many places to buy dishwashers. After purchasing, a person needs to install their dishwasher, at this point many people consider doing it themselves or hiring an inexpensive fly-by-night handyman to do the work for them. We strongly advised that you hire a professional technician for this task. Read more