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mississauga street completely flooded after major rainfall

Floods are a common hazard in many parts of Canada, and Mississauga is no exception. While flooding has been a concern for some time, this threat has increased as regional rainfalls have continually increased. This has led to more flooding events, and more property that is damaged as the result of floods.

With the risks increasing, it is important for every homeowner to consider what they can do to protect their homes and families against flooding. In this post, we are going to cover some of the common flood risks that exist in the city, and we are going to provide some tips for protecting against the possibility of flooding.
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Completely flooded home in a mississauga residents

If you live in Mississauga, having a basement that is wet or damp is hardly a unique problem. Just because it is a common condition, that does not mean that it is one that should not be taken seriously. Many people think that a little bit of moisture in the basement is normal, and they don’t fully appreciate the kinds of problems that it can cause.

When you have a wet basement, it is not so much the water that you are worried about. It is the kind of environment that this water creates. Things like mould and mildew can grow quickly in this cool, damp environment. If the condition is left unchecked for long enough, it can cause damage to the walls, the floors, the ceilings and more. In addition to that, it can be harmful to your health to have this kind of biological growth in the home. Read more

woman reading top toronto plumbing blog

We’ve been actively posting on our blog for a few years now, with such a variety of topics in plumbing to cover it’s no surprise that we’ve touched on most of the large issues while making an effort to raise awareness of smaller, lesser-known issues. Hyper-focusing our content on smaller-geographic regions in some case has been necessary to achieve these goals. But this post is a little different and the start of a short series – we’ll be taking a look back at some of our posts presenting plumbing and drain problems still affecting many people across the Greater Toronto, Etobicoke, and Mississauga regions.

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plumber conducting a mississauga plumbing inspection

Every home needs inspections on a regular basis for any number of its systems, but a plumbing inspection is especially important. In general, you should have a Mississauga plumbing inspection every two to three years, but there are situations that will require a plumbing inspection. Here are just a couple of situations that will have you calling your local Mississauga plumber to carry out a plumbing inspection in your home. Read more

mississauga city center near site of drain repairs

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than when a sink will not drain. It not only grinds whatever you were doing to a steady halt, it also means you need to get it fixed. Luckily, professional plumbers deal with drain issues every day. Here are just a few common drain repairs in Mississauga, and why you should call a professional Mississauga plumber to have them addressed. Read more

overview of mississauga city from the air

Many Mississauga residents wait until there’s a plumbing issue before calling a plumber, but this is the least convenient and most expensive way to deal with plumbing issues. Here are just a few Mississauga plumbing services offered, and how to avoid needing to make that emergency call. Read more

mississauga heavy rainstorm

A working sump pump is a necessary part of any Mississauga home’s waterproofing strategy, but as our Mississauga plumbers have witnessed, many people ignore it when the signs are right in front of them. With spring floods and other water events becoming more frequent in the area, many people are looking to larger, more expensive measures to keeping their homes dry Read more

frozen mississauga pipes

Frozen pipes have been playing havoc on pipes since the invention of indoor plumbing. Often occurring in pipes located on the outside of your home, or in cold spots throughout, frozen pipes block water from getting around your home and increase the potential for having one burst, which can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. This is especially a problem in Peel region, as our plumbers in Mississauga have come to realize. So today, we’re going to help you thaw those frozen pipes before they burst, and provide you with solutions to make sure they don’t freeze again. Read more

stack of cash saved by backwater valve rebate in mississauga

One of the great things about living in Mississauga, besides its location, vibrant community life, and quality services, is the availability of programs that can help your home operate better. This is especially true with your home’s plumbing system, which can often need extra fixtures or upgrades to keep it within the city code, and to keep it working a peak performance levels. One such program is the backwater valve rebate program, which can offset the cost of installing a backwater valve in your home. Our Mississauga plumbers are highly experienced in installing backwater valves in this region and understand the nuances of the plumbing systems. Read more

winter home in mississauga

We usually think of flooding as a spring problem, when the rains and melting snow drive up the water table. In the spring, we think that the water pushes high over what our homes can manage and then it floods. While this is a common way to think of flooding, like a river with too much water, flooding is actually a huge problem in the winter. We have noticed this is especially in case in Peel region, because of our unique and temperamental climate. Luckily, there are a number of plumbers Mississauga homeowners can depends on to handle these problems. Here are some factors to consider so that you don’t have any surprise flooding this winter. Read more