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kitec plumbing pipe before replacement

The standards for the material used in building and renovating homes are always changing. In many cases, it is because a better product has been developed, but in others, it could be that a type of material turned out to not be as good as everyone thought it was.

One such product that turned out to not be as good as it first appeared is Kitec plumbing. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at Kitec plumbing, the issues surrounding this product and whether it is something you need to worry about. Read more

pex plumbing piping

While most people think of the world of plumbing as relatively unchanged, it’s actually constantly featuring new upgrades and materials that make plumbers’ jobs easier and people’s plumbing systems better. Read more

many types of plumbing pipes

A recent study released noted that as many as 13% of Toronto homes have unsafe levels of lead in their tap water. And while that statistic is startling, the fixes are easy enough if only a little costly. Today, we will walk you through the two different types of plumbing pipe that are known to cause lead poisoning and the various pipe options available for safer drinking water. Read more

corroded pipes in need of replacement

If you have an old home, built before 1970, chances are there is some kind of outdated plumbing solution running throughout the home. This post is going to cover the top 5 causes of plumbing problems in old homes, and what you can do about them. Read more

many types of plumbing pipes

Pipes are at the very heart of the plumbing trade, and as a result there are a lot of different materials we use when installing plumbing systems. Today’s post is going to explain the different materials used, and what their applications are, as well as advantages and disadvantages. We will also discuss some older materials no longer used or being phased out (see National Plumbing Code of Canada for more info). So without, further ado, we’ll start with copper, as it is the most common.

Read more

Galvanized pipes were used regularly in the installation of Toronto home plumbing systems because they provided a few very useful traits – they are long-lasting and relatively inexpensive. The problem is that long-lasting does not mean indefinite, and thus the need to remove galvanized pipes. Read more