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If you are planning a home renovation you probably already have a few ideas of what you want. It might be a smaller project where you are just concerned with renovating the bathroom or kitchen or it could be a large-scale project where you are renovating the entire home.

A home renovation is a good opportunity to get a range of different upgrades. If you already have the work going on in the home, adding a few additional tasks could help you to get more value from the project.

Today, we are going to take a look at a few ideas that any homeowner should consider when they are doing a renovation. Some of these might already be on the list, and others might not apply to the type of renovation that you are doing. However, if you can fit any of these in with your current home renovation plans, it could make for a better value in the long run. Read more

beautifully completed home renovation

We’ve written a lot about plumbing, this month we’re going to focus on a few topics a little more diverse. Many people look at their home and wish there was a way to make it look completely different then they look at their bank account balance and put the dream aside, which is totally unfortunate. Read more

woman calling plumber on hot summer day

Plumbing is a year-round service that can help us out at really any time, day or night, but the summer time is probably one of the best times to call up a plumber. The combination of warm weather and long days is perfect for plumbers, who can get to work earlier and not have to worry about getting cold. Read more

toronto home owners planning renovations

Toronto homeowners have a lot to think about with their homes. Not only are they skyrocketing in value, but they’re usually a bit older. This can cause some problems for homeowners, where they’re plumbing systems may not be high quality in a home that was otherwise expensive. Read more

bathroom renovation project featuring marble and a great view

Bathrooms, for some reason, are seen as very practical places. They need to have certain fixtures, of course, and floors that are slip-resistant to keep people safe, but they’re also places where we relax and take some much needed time for ourselves. With that in mind, many people are sprucing up their bathrooms, making them luxurious spaces that are just as fashionable as they are functional Read more