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man holding buckets to catch water that is overflowing from his clogged drain in the floor above, a phone is visible in the crook of his neck as he called a plumber to help

In many situations, issues with drains can wait a reasonable amount of time to be fixed. With some of the simpler problems, you might even be able to resolve the issue on your own. But what happens when a malfunctioning drain has the potential to damage the home or it is causing a significant disruption to your life?

When serious drainage issues occur, you need to call for emergency drain service right away. You need to be able to use things like your toilets and your showers, and you certainly cannot wait for a regular service call while a leaking or backed up drain floods your basement. Read more

If you are planning a home renovation you probably already have a few ideas of what you want. It might be a smaller project where you are just concerned with renovating the bathroom or kitchen or it could be a large-scale project where you are renovating the entire home.

A home renovation is a good opportunity to get a range of different upgrades. If you already have the work going on in the home, adding a few additional tasks could help you to get more value from the project.

Today, we are going to take a look at a few ideas that any homeowner should consider when they are doing a renovation. Some of these might already be on the list, and others might not apply to the type of renovation that you are doing. However, if you can fit any of these in with your current home renovation plans, it could make for a better value in the long run. Read more

When people think of a double sink, they often think of their kitchen. After all, a double sink in the kitchen has distinct and very tangible benefits. But people are now discovering that a double sink can be used in places other than the kitchen, and some are even having them installed in their bathrooms. Read more

As many homeowners are aware: clogged kitchen sinks are both annoying and a little expensive to get cleaned out. Sure, you can get under the sink and try to scoop out everything in the trap yourself, but some of the worst clogs can get further in your pipes and actually block up a lot more, and lead to some other terrible consequences. Luckily, keeping your sinks free of debris has never been easier, so we put together some pro advice on how to keep your sink free of debris and working at its best. Read more

bathroom sink after being unclogged

There are many problems that people will encounter with their home plumbing, especially in areas that are used regularly; the kitchen is such a place. Often people will wash their dishes with little regard as to how the debris their washing away will affect their kitchen sink; after enough time people will be faced with the question “how to unclog a sink” since it is this type of behaviour that usually leads to a clogged sink drain. Before we talk specifically about how to unblock a clogged sink drain, it is important that we discuss exactly how this problem occurs in the first place so that you can take the steps necessary to prevent this from occurring in the future. Read more

kitchen faucet repair in toronto

For many homeowners in Toronto, the kitchen is the showpiece of their home. It’s where they do their daily important activities like making coffee, breakfast, or making dinner for guests. Essentially, the kitchen is the central hub of all activity in a home. However, with all of this use people often run into problems at some point, typically the problem will be with the kitchen faucet. This is where the professionals should be called in; kitchen faucet repair can be more involved than many DIY videos have you think. And when we’re dealing with the central hub of the home it would be wise not to take chances. Read more

It’s common for people to invest in home renovation as its one area that can really improve the value of your home. One area that can be especially of value is through kitchen and bathroom upgrades specifically the plumbing fixtures in these areas. Upgrading your plumbing fixtures is very easy for a professional and can really improve the look of your home; such as adding a new showerhead, faucet, or even a brand new toilet. Read more

Imagine you’re tap is dripping right now, think about how bad this could become if left unattended for a few months. Imagine just how much water is being wasted, which costs not only you money out of your own pocket, it also takes a toll on our environment as its simply resources being wasted. Read more

Everybody’s heard of old wives’ tales; beliefs that have been passed down through generations that typically are not founded in much more than superstition. Stuff like ‘You should get out of bed from the same side you got in if you want good luck,’ these sorts of fables have been around for as long as people could reason and recognize patterns in events. You wouldn’t believe the plumbing myths our Toronto plumbers have heard – however, truly connecting the dots takes more than just a quick deduction. Read more